The Netherlands: Common Linnets reveal acoustic version of Calm After the Storm

The Common Linnets have been teasing us for months, but tonight they finally gave us a taste of their Eurovision song ‘Calm After the Storm’.  Ilse DeLange and Waylon performed an acoustic version of the song earlier this evening on Dutch talk show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. They will unveil the complete song tomorrow on Radio 2’s “Gouden Uren” between 09:00 – 12:00 CET.

During the show, Waylon and Ilse also took time to chat about their entry. Ilse explained that they had 28 songs to choose from, and that only three were deemed suitable for Eurovision. “There are songs on the album that are perhaps more obvious, but we went with the song that we liked most,” she said. “It’s a song with atmosphere, a sensitive song. We already have a battle plan, we are working with a director, and we have everything arranged and set up, from where we stand on the podium to how we will do the show.”

Ilse DeLange WaylonThe presenter played Ilse and Waylon some of the other songs from Eurovision. Ilse said that Switzerland’s Sebalter has a good act, but that his banjo doesn’t make her nervous.

Waylon made it clear that they wanted to maintain their vocal independence. “We don’t want to fall into the routine of singing as a duo too much, we also sing apart in pieces of the song,” he said. “Ilse is very into the staging. I’m good with all that. You have to start from the song: it isn’t a song to bring a carnaval with you. You just want people to give three minutes of their attention.” Waylon was fascinated by Latvia’s entry “Cake to bake.”

Among the other takeaways? Ilse is obsessed with staging. And the duo plan to visit smaller countries in the weeks ahead with the hope of scoring some major points. Malta is on Ilse’s radar. Waylon was relaxed about the whole thing, just saying “it’s all good.”

Radio Hoax

Earlier today DJ Giel Beelen “played a snippet of the song” on his popular radio program. The team from knows that Giel Beelen is a bit of a clown, so we didn’t publish it. Turns out the snippet was a hoax. Singer-songwriter Gitta De Ridder provided the vocals. You can watch the hoax here.

Ilse was amused.


So what do you think of the acoustic version? We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the full version will have a bit more lift….

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