WATCH: Dilara Kazimova will Start A Fire for Azerbaijan

It’s been exactly two weeks since Dilara Kazimova won Azerbaijan’s national selection show Böyük Sehne. Today, after a 14-day wait, she has finally revealed her song. As she hails from the Land of Fire that is Azerbaijan, it’s quite fitting that she’ll be singing “Start a Fire”. Astonishingly, this is now Azerbaijan’s fifth ballad in a row at the Eurovision Song Contest!

The entry is co-written by Stefan Örn, Alessandra Günthardt and Johan Kronlund. Stefan has worked wonders for Azerbaijan in recent years, having helped Safura reach fifth in 2010 and Sabina Babayeva place fourth in 2012. And you can’t forget “Running Scared”, the song that Ell & Nikki sang to win it all in 2011. He was also part of the jury panel at the final of Böyük Sehne, so he probably had a strong sense of which artist would do the best job singing his song.

Dilara is bringing a modern song with a traditional soul. In that respect it reminds us of Sabina Babayeva’s stunning number from Baku. Azerbaijan always stages its entries incredibly well, so we know they will bring beauty and drama to Copenhagen. And as we know from Böyük Sehne, Dilara can sing really well. This woman does not need backing!

What do you think of the entry? Can Azerbaijan win in Copenhagen this year?

Dilara_Kazimova_Azerbaijan_Eurovision_2014_mainStart a Fire lyrics — Dilara Kazimova

Someone’s selling garden roses down the square
People gathering by to breathe the morning air
But no one sees the bitter cold and shivering empty hands

A school girl running by and trying to beat the bell
People dropping, tossing coins in wishing wells
But no one cares for dreams that don’t fit into our world

Maybe nightfall darkens skies
And maybe teardrops stain our eyes
But may the slightest light start a fire

A soldier in the hands of a forgotten mess
Digging out the burning bullets in his chest
So eager, bold and noble – printing footsteps on this earth

Maybe nightfall darkens skies
Maybe teardrops stain our eyes
But may the slightest light start a fire

Start a fire

But may the slightest light start a fire

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Photo: ITV