Discuss: Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat goes deep with Wild Soul

Just after Cristina Scarlat stormed to victory in Moldova on Saturday, a lot of you were left wondering what she meant with her song, because you could not understand the lyrics due to her pronounciation. We’re here to help.

Her dramatic live performance made the lyrics a tad unintelligible. Maybe the official video can help?

The lyrics, signed by Cristina’s niece Lidia Scarlat, are deep, y’all. They speak of the depths of our souls and asks existential questions about the human condition. They do not paint a pretty picture of who we are. Yes, you didn’t expect something like this from Moldova, but has Moldova ever been predictable at Eurovision?

This, however, is what makes small, Eastern European acts stand out (and up) among the other contestants. They have an unwavering ability to surprise us. When we thought that we heard it all and it was finally time to give Boris Covali a chance, Cristina Scarlat stomped in with her metallic/chiffon dress, which she says represents her spirit, and stole the show. Her staging was an impressive and puzzling display of artistry that kept us guessing. We wonder what Moldova is going to surprise us with in Copenhagen, when they are very likely to up their ante, as always.


Wild Soul Lyrics

What am I?
Am I human?
What am I?
An emotion?
Time and space can lie to us while we sleep
Lovers cry, parents tremble
While you and I show our devils
The world can play a joke on each of us anytime

I have no feelings of mercy
Destiny left me so empty
Empty in my heart and my spirit
My patience fighting with our indifference
Fighting to win over everything
That we are and can be

Selfishness takes the trophies
Honesty wins the glories
All the masks we have are meant to make us free
Wounded pride kills our feeling
While you and I need the dreaming
The world can throw a dice for each of us anytime


Wild soul
Is rushing through my body
And my
Wild soul
Is meant to keep me trying


We have asked Cristina Scarlat if she is considering switching to Romanian, like Aliona Moon did with “O mie” last year. She told us that her team is talking about this option with TRM and that she will let us know before long.

What do you think about the lyrics? Do they help you warm up to the song a bit more? Or should Cristina perform in Romanian instead?

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Photo: TRM