Conchita Wurst offers to educate Aram Mp3 after gay comments

In recent days supporters of Conchita Wurst have been up in arms. That’s because on March 23 it emerged that Armenia’s Aram Mp3 had made potentially homophobic and transphobic remarks about the Austrian singer. Among other things, he said that for him Conchita’s way of life “is not natural” and joked that he hopes his team “will help her to eventually decide whether she is a woman or man.” He also said that he speeds up his car when passing through Yerevan’s gay district.

In the furore that has ensued, Aram has said that he was only joking and that he had been put on the spot after being asked an awkward question. Remember: he was a comedian before he became a singer.

According to the Austrian Times, Miss Wurst has joked that the two won’t become romantically involved.

“I guess that means he doesn’t want to marry me,” she said.

Conchita, who has previously declared her love for Aram’s song, has also offered Mr Mp3 a bit of private tutoring.

It seems as if Aram wants me to be a woman, but I can say this to you Aram my dear, I am a working woman and an incredibly lazy young man in my free time and that is not going to change. If you have problems understanding that, then I would be happy to sit down with you and explain it to you in more detail. And with your homophobic comments, that is a conversation that we really need to speak about.

Will the pair reconcile in Copenhagen? Is this the end of the drama?

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