Earlier today the Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals—meditated in the monastery of Ostrog, and then headed to Podgorica to review Sergej Cetkovic‘s Eurovision 2014 song “Moj Svijet” (My World). Did we want to stay in his universe forever and day? Or did we rush to catch the first flight out of the Balkans? Read on to find out

Moj svijet reviews

Angus: I am as big a Titanic fan as the next person but that film totally ended in tragedy and there definitely comes a point when you know ‘Moj Svijet’ has hit the iceberg of no return. It’s basically after the bridge. The song just fizzles out. It’s a glorious slice of elegantly restrained Balkan balladry…and then…just vanishes beneath the waves. And that’s going to be a huge problem on the night. The end of the song has to give a final impression but if people have already manned the lifeboats beforehand Sergej isn’t going to get anywhere near the final never mind beyond.

Score: 5.5/10

Billy: An ethnic ballad for Montenegro. It reminds me of Serbia’s 2012 entry, although it has something more. At various points, four to five old ladies from Montenegro or any other Balkan country could stand on stage and perform traditional dances. Violins will not save this entry. I think Montenegro is doomed to fail every single year.

Score: 3/10

Montenegro, Sergej Cetkovic, 2

Bogdan: Although Balkan music is not my jam, I like “Moj Svijet”. Even without the cinematic video, the song transports you to that beautiful part of the world and makes you fall in love with its colours, rhythms and sounds. (Too bad it ends so abruptly.) Sergej sounds a bit like Zeljko and “Moj Svijet” is similar to “Lane Moje”, which makes sense: it represented Serbia and Montenegro ten years ago. Given its great spot in the first semi-final, Sergej’s ballad should advance to the Grand Final. It certainly deserves to.

Score: 8/10

Deban: Montenegro really knows how to plug it’s idyllic landscape. The images that accompany the original version of this video are simply beautiful. Still, most of my scores should reflect the merits of the actual song. At this point, I am biased! The visuals have worked their magic on a song that ordinarily would have had zero impact. If Sergej wants to advance to the Saturday show, then, staging is crucial.

Score: 5/10


Katie: A foreign language ballad with a video that looks like a Bertolli advert is not something I’d normally like at Eurovision. It’s got those ethnic vibes at the beginning (I swear it sounds Scottish!) which you either love or hate, but Sergej’s voice is beautiful. It’s so mellow, it blends perfectly with the violins and even makes the cheesy music video not seem so bad. It’s such a nice song and I really hope people pay attention to it in Copenhagen, and it doesn’t just become a toilet break song. I’m hoping for lighters in the air! With just the right combination of calmness and power, Montenegro might be able to FINALLY qualify this year!

Score: 7/10

Padraig: Bor-ING! I’m getting flashbacks of Moran Mazor and Despina Olympiou – not good. Both of those caused mass drowsiness and Sergej is set to do the same. The video may try to dazzle us with scenic shots of undulating hills and crashing waves, but it’s fooling no one. “Moj Svijet” has zero drama and overall is about as exciting as a bucket of magnolia paint. Sure, Sergej has a nice voice but that’s not going to be enough to see him to the final. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some yawns to suppress.

Score: 4/10


Mike: This song is so boring. I have never listened the whole song because I fall asleep before it ends! When I watch the video I can see how good the song is, but I just don’t feel it. How does he make three minutes feel like they last an eternity?

Score: 2/10

Ramadan: What an amazing ballad! The start gave me goosebumps. It’s my number one for the year. Even though I don’t know what Sergej is saying, it’s truly touchy. I try to sing along with him. I have now seen the lyrics, and they’re very beautiful. This is definitely the best song that Montenegro has ever sent. The video is as stunning as the instrumentals, and it was a great move for Sergej to choose Montenegrin over English. It’s much stronger in my opinion. I cannot stop listening to this masterpiece.

Score: 10/10

Sergej Cetkovic Montenegro Eurovision 2014

Vebooboo: This song is ruul ruul emotional. To be quite honest, it don’t matter what language Sergej is singing in, because these lyrics are like a meal at world-class restaurant Noma in Copenhagen — A grade quality.  I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want to hear about the depth of a man’s love for someone else, his willingness to wait, his desire to sweep you into his arms. Oooh, I’m getting all tingly. My only gripe with this ballad is the utterly abrupt nature with which it ends. I mean, if he has been waiting so long, then why the hell can’t he hold on a few more seconds at the end? Is Sergej trying to tell us that his first love ended just as abruptly?  If so, then you need a big-ass hug in Copenhagen, boo. But more importantly, Ima need you to make the Final.

Score 7.5/10

Wiwi: During the first 15 seconds of this song, I was waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to start making out with Kate Winslet. Then the Titanic vibe passed and I got wrapped up in another love story with a distinctly Balkan flavor. Clearly sponsored by the Montenegrin Board of Tourism, this video is stunning. The song is beautiful too. But, just like Nina Badric and Maya Sar in 2012, something about it feels incomplete. It may be the abrupt ending. It may be the fact I cannot remember the melody. Either way the conclusion is the same: I’m just not that into you.

Score: 5/10

All 19 members of our jury rate each song. However, we only have room to share 10 written reviews. Here are the remaining nine scores.

Anthony: 8/10

Francheska: 6/10

James L: 6/10

Maxim Montana: 6/10

Mario: 9.5/10

Patrick: 7/10

Sami: 8/10

William C: 8.3/10

Zach: 2.5/10

The highest and lowest scores are removed before calculating the final score. We have dropped a low of 2 and a high of 10.

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 6.25/10

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The video very nice but the song kind of passed me buy. I can imagine the Violins on stage on the night but was left cold at the end. I thought we were building to a key change but infact it was all over.


I will miss Serbia this year, but I’m like comfort to Montenegro. I love this song, and hopefully correct the end of the song. With that correction could be in the top10, and that would be very good for Montenegro.
Greeting from Spain, and good luck!!!!!


I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard from Montenegro. It will be in my top10.
Sergej Bravo!!
Greetings from Spain.

Perhaps I’m getting all Paula Abdul this year again. I’ll be first to tell Deban off – the cinematography is genius and it has featured the country’s landscape, which btw, you all have to see first-hand yourself. I’m afraid, Deban – if you knew half the cultural and economic turmoil Montenegro is in at the moment, as the country is pretty much bought out by fat Russians who are disrespectful and have no care for the local people, the Russians control pretty much everything in that country. We should be grateful that this is a ballad that superficially (with the… Read more »

Loved the English version of this beautiful ballad. Most of the lyrics pluck the heartstrings – I guess most people can empathize with young love. Not sure how they will show case this on stage. I hope they can do something with the abrupt ending. 9/10


I agree with Bogdan it is a lovely ballad and ends so damn abruptly that it makes you wanna smack someone. Though i like it, I worry it may not be a hit at the Contest.

Daphne Dee

Although I haven’t made up my mind permanent, this song will probably end up high in my personal top. Amazing song, amazing singer. Montenegro has totally done it right this year.


Montenegro lost from 28 to 36 points because Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia did participate this year. Serbia will give him 12 points in semifinal and final, Bosnia from 8 to 12, and Croatia maybe 8 to 12 , because we don t know who will be singing for Serbia , Bosnia and Croatia.
With support from serbian and bosnian diaspora he may count for many votes from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, France,Denmark. Without their support he may count on votes from Macedonia,Albania,Slovenia and Italy and maybe from small county like San Marino, Malta


“Earlier today the Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals . . . ”

And each one of those esteemed Jury commented on the video – for shame!
As we know the English version is a completely different song with the same tune, has a decision been made as to what language it will be presented in?
The make or break moment is the placement of the song in the running order and that bodes well (maybe pushing Valentina further back) however, it will not win overall despite being an wonderfully enchanting song. Pity!


I don’t worry about the performance because he is a simple man and easy likeable. I think we are going to see something in Lejla (BiH 2006) style.
And for you who dno’t like the end. I like it that way, it’s a kind of part 1 and you can’t wait for the part 2…. I don’t think this end can destroy the whole experience…..


It’s just too awesome and so beautiful for juries so they underrated this song like giving 2/10 -___- poor you


This is an ok song for me. There are 4 better ballads in the contest this year. Montenegro may qualify because Serbia is absent and the votes that used to go to Serbia will fly to them. (5/10)


I have to say, it is always refreshing to listen to a song in the original language of the country instead of in heavily accented English. That being said, whilst the video is beautiful, the song in itself kind of fizzes and pops at the end, after a great introduction and a beautiful tour-de-force on the male singer’s chest notes, it sorts of loses momentum and ends very abruptly and without a well resolved coda. Pity, it could have been so much more than what it ends up being


Stunning video for a beautiful song. I love a bit of Balkan flute and strings. Probably won’t to that well on the night though. 8/10


It’s a masterpiece, love the balkanic melody.
The chalenge is how to make his performance full in emotional.


The Montenegrin Steve Perry!

Gerard P

It’s so boring. Sooooo borrrriiiing. And it’s a shame: he has a great voice.


Probably one of the ballad stands out this year along with Norway, Austria and maybe San Marino.


The song is just a piece of A.R.T.! And you call yourself a jury…. Song is borring? And you are all going to give Azerbaijan 10. Yeah, right. Go Montenegro! I hope you qualify for the first time. Sergej deseves it 😉


I cannot stand this type of music, BUT the video is great indeed. Don’t see how this will be better live though…I wish all these former Yugoslavian countries would stop sending only this sort of music (or almost only…). I could not stand MOLITVA either and I doubt it would have normally won without bloc voting.


I’d be really surprised if the jury didn’t push this into the final. And with 2nd-to-last draw, it would be foolish just to assume that this song has no chance, regardless of which other countries are in the semifinal. Serbia couldn’t finish 3rd in 2012 without some support from non-Balkan countries.

Tthe song goes from an epic feel to an everyday feel as it goes on. It’s a nice track, and the Eurovision 3 minute mark does certainly make me long for more.



Klapa s Mora had no chance. Their song was one huge, 3 minute yawn.

I see this as Montenegro’s first time in the final, especially because the juries will go for it (I see this as the jury’s second or third), but it will lose in the final (15-20) because of a lack of televoting success.


Beautiful song indeed, but my gut feeling is telling me to not expect high results. This will stay in the semi, sadly. Really smart move to opt for Montenegrin.


I belong in the minority (maybe I’m the only one) that prefers this song to Nije Ljubav Stvar and perhaps Lane Moje. (Oro is just incredible). The only thing that lacks a bit is the ending. Besides that, I find the music majestic and his voice great! 7/37 in my top! Montenegro needs to be in the final.


Well, I think it won´t be in the final. Why not? It´s not a song that you won´t like immediately. I think the live performance won´t be very impact-making too. Look for example at Croatia and Israel previous year. And, something important too – it doesn´t have the flow that Molitva, Nije ljubav stvar and Lane Moje have. I don´t think it will stand out in the semi, perhaps as tenth or something.

I like the song anyway. It´s my #10 from all songs this year. I´m only realistic about the chances that this songs have.


I love this song, but I hate the abrupt ending of it. The melody of the last ~30 seconds is fantastic. Why does it have to end there…


Mike >:|
Ramadan <3 :3


It is just sooo boring. The visuals in the vid are nice, the vocals are good, but what good is it if no one’s awake to enjoy it?


This song is beautiful. The instrumental ebbs and flows in all the right places, Sergej’s vocal performance is flawless, and overall the song is unlike anything else in the contest this year (Bosnia and Herzegovina, I miss you!)

However, and I think this is a big big deal, the ending is far too abrupt. The sudden end comes as an uncomfortable shock. It’s like singing a lullaby to a baby and then dropping the poor child carelessly into its crib at the end. This really needs to change.

Still, Montenegro is in my top 5 this year, easily.


Ramadan,I love you 😀


I like the song, and I agree with almost everything that was said here, it also reminds me a little about Zeljko and I also agree it lacks… something, unlike Zeljko ‘s entries (I love both Lane Moje and Nije Ljubav Stvar almost equally) which were just magnificent, but I can’t pin point what.
Even so, I do believe this will be the year when we’ll see Montenegro advance to the final for the first time, but I don’t expect it will do that well on May 10th.