Aram Mp3 and Conchita Wurst reconcile at Eurovision Concert

Following controvesy and scandal, harsh words and loaded responses, the feud between Aram Mp3 and Conchita Wurst appears to be over.

Today at Eurovision in Concert the duo were photographed exchanging words and a big hug. As you can see in this series of photos, the two stars looked genuinely happy to put all of the drama behind them. So does the woman in the painting.

Conchita Wurst Aram Mp3

The battle is over and the friendship is on, but it’s been a long road to get there. As you’ll recall, Aram Mp3 was asked a series of awkward questions at a press conference in Yerevan, and his answers were interpreted as being extremely homophobic and transphobic. Then, in an interview with, Conchita said that she’d like to have a word with Aram over coffee and cake.

But Aram Mp3 offered Miss Wurst a peace branch when he released the following apology this morning.

In my personal life and in my work, the respect for others is my guiding principle. Apart from being a musician, I’m also a comedian. Music and humor are inseparable parts of my life; I made some remarks recently in a humorous manner, which instead may have hurt the dear friends and fans. I really regret this and want to state clearly that I reject homophobia.

After their encounter, he tweeted the following:


We are thrilled to see Armenia and Austria coming together and promoting mutual respect over misunderstanding. Long live Aram Mp3! Long live Conchita! Now let’s all enjoy the music.

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