Conchita Wurst: I am not a transgender woman!

At Eurovision in Concert on April 5, Conchita Wurst blew us away with her emotional performance of “Rise Like a Phoenix”. That sausage was really cookin’, y’all!

But we were already fans of Conchita before we saw her sizzle on stage. Earlier in the day we caught up with her to discuss how long it takes her to put on her face, what it’s like to swim with a painted-on beard, and the fact that she is not transgender. “[Dana International] is a transgender person and it’s such a huge decision and it’s just incredible what you have to go through to become a woman,” Conchita tells us. “But me as a drag artist, this is just dressing up and painting.”

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We also touched on the subject of Aram Mp3’s controversial—and potentially misinterpreted—comments on LGBT people. “This is exactly why I’m doing what I do,” Conchita says. “He said some very awful things and I really need to talk to him about that.”

And they did talk about it. Please note: we conducted this interview hours before the Aram Mp3-Conchita Wurst Peace Accords and all is still well. Conchita has not regressed or forgotten the power of his apology (even if the audience in Amsterdam has).

Are you feeling Miss Wurst? Isn’t she a natural on camera?

Watch our interview with Conchita in London and in Copenhagen.

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