Discuss: Was it right for Elaiza to win USFD in Germany?

Elaiza came out of nowhere, won the German wildcard, got the chance to take part in the Unser Song Für Dänemark final and eventually brought home the crown. For Elzbieta, Yvonne and Natalie—the women of Elaiza—it’s a real Cinderella story. Now they have a chance to perform in front of millions of Europeans with their song ‘Is It Right?’

But was it right for them to win? The public chose them over some proper German superstars. Rockabilly group The Baseballs have had major success all around the Europe, and goth rock group Unheilig went triple platinum in Germany with their latest album. Would either of them have been a better choice?

A big name doesn’t always guarantee success. Last year Germany’s most successful eurodance group Cascada placed a dismal 21st in the grand final. Celebrity can’t shield you from shade! And being unknown actually has its advantages. We all remember how Lena rose from obscurity to win in 2010 (and to later make amazing douche commercials). Could that happen again?

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Is It Right lyrics – Elaiza

He’s gotta pen in his hand
a piece of paper starin’ back
He could write like a man
a novel life back on track

Maybe drama, or a poem
but still he doesn’t know
the time is ticking in his ear
the holy silence dissappears

Is it right or is it wrong??
I can’t go on! you can’t go on!
If you say yes…or even no,
you don’t know how and where to go

She turns over and looks at him
she tries to feel, and can’t feel anything
but it’s so hard to say goodbye,
even when you know, that it’s right.

When it’s all not what you thought
and a friendship is not enough
when you long to feel alive
and take the chance to give it up

Is it right or is it wrong?
I can’t go on, you can’t go on
If you say yes, or even no,
you don’t know how and where to go

I know, it’s not easy to decide,
to find your own direction
Oh, the risk is too high
but you can’t hide

Is it right or is it wrong?
I can go on, you can go on
If you say yes, or even no,
you don’t know how and where to go

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