PHOTOS: B&W Hallerne still resembles concrete jungle

We have no doubt that preparations for this year’s Eurovision at the B&W Hallerne are going very well. When DR revealed some images of the stage at Eurovision in Concert, we were all really impressed. This image, which has been making the rounds on Facebook, left a lot of y’all saying, “AMAZING!” (and asking if that was Valentina Monetta in the seashell).

eurovision 2014 stage

And while the inside of the arena seems to be taking shape nicely, the exterior could still use a lot of work.

Mark B, a wiwireader, visited Denmark at the end of March and couldn’t resist popping by Eurovision Island to check out progress. He snapped the following photos. Yes: this really is what the exterior of B&W Hallerne looked like 12 days ago. The site currently looks like a demolition zone…or a scene from some movie about the Apocalypse. Concrete can be very chic, but we think it’d look nice with grass and some trees.

B&W Hallerne Photos

B&W Hallerne 4

B&W Hallerne 3

B&W Hallerne 2

B&W Hallern1

We all know that the Danes will pull off an amazing show and venue, but we didn’t realize they’d be cutting it so close! Here’s Mark’s report on his trip:

It was a beautiful day and I walked the three miles from the centre of the city to the B&W Hallerne.

I had to double-check with locals that I was on the right route, because there was little sign that this was the right place. I realise that there’s a lot of work going on inside, but from the outside the place looked distinctly un-Eurovision. I thought they would have least given it a fresh coat of paint. The only sign was the ‘join us’ sign, and that a friendly security guard told me I could not get any nearer without a wristband. Where will additional facilities be constructed?

Where will the media go for a stroll between rehearsals? At the very least it is in need of a thorough tidy-up and surely the paintballing venue next to the hall won’t still be in operation next month.

I am sure all will be in order when it needs to be, but it’s certainly not the Baku Crystal Hall.

Of course, Baku Crystal Hall was very last minute too. When the team from arrived in Azerbaijan the Saturday before the final, we could still smell fresh paint in the hallways. And when we picked up our press credentials the constructions trucks WERE STILL OPERATING. Here’s a photo y’all.

Baku Crystal Hall Arena

Do you think DR will plant some treeds before ESC? Is there enough time for the flowers to bloom? Do you like the industrial feel of B&W?

Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. You can keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.