Portugal: Rui Andrade to sing with Russia’s Tolmachevy Sisters

Everyone deserves a second chance, and when you’re hot like Rui Andrade, you deserve it even more. Y’all should remember him as the second runner-up from Portugal’s national selection Festival da Cancao. Today we learned that his loss has a silver lining, as he will sing in Copenhagen as a backing vocalist for the Tolmachevy Sisters.

Rui confirmed the rumours this afternoon on Facebook. Brevity is not one of his strengths!

A lot has been said and a lot of gossip has been going on and lots of comments have been made! And no one actually knows what is going on !! In this photo you can see me with the adorable Tomalchevy Sisters!! The Russian contestants for Eurovision 2014! Today is my third day in Moscow and yes, one of my dreams is going to come true ! On may the 6th I will put on the Russian colours and and go on stage in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen !!! And why ? Because I was invited, because people saw my performance at Festival da Canção, because they liked it and because they thought I deserved much more, because they recognized my value as a singer and as a performer and of course I accepted the invitation… I feel blessed, happy and grateful for being looked at as an excellent singer as I’ve heard people saying over here several times in the past few days I’m here! I’m sure I will experience one of the most intense but also gratifying experiences of my life so far !!! And those who know me, the people who like me, who support me, will surely be very happy with my participation ! and although I’m sad that I’m not the one to bear our flag , I’m very very happy to know that our Portuguese soul will be shown by me as well on the greatest stage of European song ! And yes, I’ll be representing Russia but I am and will always be Portuguese!!!

As for now with my heart in Portugal but my voice in the fantastic song from Russia , a country that is welcoming me with the Respect and the Admiration for the professional I am, I tell you …. Vpered Rossiya!!! Thanks for all… — feeling happy.

Rui will now join an international team consisting of a Greek composer,Maltese songwriter and two Swedish songwriters. Can they help Russia secure a Top 5 finish in Copenhagen? Can they help Russia save face despite the less-than-amazing song?

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