Team Wiwi’s Top Tracks Of 2014 (40-36)

Incredibly 2014 is almost up. And that means one thing – it’s time for “Team Wiwi’s Top Tracks of The Year”. Just like in 2013, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite releases and recordings by Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who’ve never made it to the Eurovision stage (sorry Ace and Adelén). And this year we’ve decided to supersize and create a Top 50 – there was just too much great music for us to ignore. So #JoinUs as we continue our daily countdown. Today we look at numbers 40 through to 36.

40. “Resta Ancora Un Po” – Emma Marrone

What we saidThe Queen of Italy, Emma Marrone, hasn’t let the Eurovision injustice phase her. She’s already featured on popular Spanish musician David Bisbal’s single “Hombre de tu Vida” and now she’s released a new song of her own, her first solo offering since her Eurovision entry “La Mia Citta”. The song was written by Emma herself and is currently sitting pretty at #2 on the Italian iTunes chart. Emma’s “Marronators” may have witnessed her perform the ballad on her recent “Emma 3.0” tour or when she duetted with Antonio on stage last year. (Katie)

39. “For You” – Broiler feat. Anna Bergendahl

What we saidAmazingly, in just three minutes Bergendahl blows apart the middle-of-the-road Anna, replacing her with an EDM diva. And not your run of the mill, party in da club, sort of girl. When was the last time you heard a David Guetta or Calvin Harris contributor sing of a “stupid vagary”? The genre may be different, but the Bergendahl DNA remains. Everything works – the electronic wizardry, the beat, the falsetto, the electric guitars… did I mention the falsetto? More please! (Padraig)

38. “Terra” – Justyna Steczkowska

What we said“Terra” has no real sense of rhythm, and that only adds to the exotic essence. Simply put, it’s more of an abstract track than a ballad or a club smasher. We love it! While we love partying in the club with Alcazar tunes or crying over one of Zeljko’s masterpieces, we could find lots of uses for “Terra” (yoga class, a night drive, and laying under the stars being only three of them). This has on-point vocals and a big buildup that we just adore! And let’s not forget the music video, a wonderous collection of shots focused on landscapes and Justyna. (Sopon)

37. “Love Me” – Waylon

What we saidWaylon recently launched his newest single, “Love me.” It’s a command, but one we are happy to obey… just close your eyes and listen. Even if you’re a bigger fan of his previous single “Love drunk”—count me among them—you have to admit that Waylon knows how to give us quality and emotion. He’s not just a pop star, but an artist. (Denise)

36. “Start Again” – Ryan Dolan

What we saidRyan Dolan is getting personal. He has released his new song “Start Again”, which comes just weeks after Ryan confirmed the speculation that he is gay. Penned by Ryan himself, the song—and video—discuss the sensitive topic of suicide among gay teenagers. In the video, a secondary school student is pushed, shoved, and bullied by classmates who can tell he is gay. Ryan, who has confessed that he once entertained thoughts of suicide himself, really sings from the heart. (William C)

Do y’all agree with our list so far? What changes would you make?

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