France: Lisa Angell will sing “N’oubliez pas” at Eurovision 2015

France 2 has announced this morning that Lisa Angell will represent France at Eurovision 2015 with the song “N’oubliez pas” (“Don’t Forget” or “Remember”). The song was written in November, around the time of Armistice Day, but has taken on renewed significance in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris. We shouldn’t forget the tragedy, she says, but we should also remember the good times that came before: “I remember the laughter of children, the voice of men when they went to the fields, harvest festivals, the smell in homes, love and joy laughter. I’m here, do not forget.”

Robert Goldman, the brother of Jean-Jaques Goldman, wrote the song. Jean-Jaques is France’s second-highest-grossing pop-rock singer still living (after Johnny Hallyday). Hopefully his genius for popular music rubbed off on Robert.

Listen to a snippet of “N’oubliez pas” here.

A longer version is also on SoundCloud.

France 2 announced the news this morning via Facebook.


Lisa followed up with a Facebook confirmation of her own, writing: “I have the great pleasure to inform you that I will represent France at Eurovision on 23 May next year in Vienna. I am proud and happy! I kiss you.”

Who is Lisa Angell?

Yes, her last name does have two Ls: Lisa’s father is Italian. Born in Paris, she started winning singing contests at the Nice Carnival at the age of 11. That encouraged her to study voice at the Nice Conservatory from the age of 15. Years later she found herself performing along the French Riviera, turning herself into the Queen of the Piano Bar. After appearances on the popular French programs Le Château des secrets and Le Plus Grand Cabaret du monde, she landed a record deal with Polydor. She’s released three albums: Les Divines, Des mots, and Frou-Frou. The first two reached #31 and #30 on the French charts.

Here she is singing live and showing all y’all the meaning of pitch-perfect:

And here she is showing off some Old World style in the video for “J’ai deux amours”. It’s from her latest album “Frou Frou.”

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