Johnny Logan: I will never do Eurovision again, Eurosong should be scrapped

Eurosong 2015 – the Irish national selection for Eurovision – takes place tomorrow, 27 February. Five hopefuls will battle it out for a place in Ireland’s pantheon of Eurovision greats (and not-so-greats). Meanwhile, the country’s most successful Eurovision act has confirmed that he will never compete in the contest again.

Johnny Logan On A Eurovision Return

Speaking to, the “What’s Another Year” singer said:

I’ve done the Eurovision. I’ve won it three times, what do I have to gain by doing it again?

Not only does this rule him out of an Irish comeback, it also means that he won’t be trying out for Romania either, despite his comments to the contrary last summer.

Johnny Logan On Eurosong

In the same interview, the “Hold Me Now” singer also hit out at Eurosong, calling for it to be binned and replaced with a model similar to Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

The thing is what we need to do is firstly of all go back to the way Denmark are doing it. Don’t do it in the Late Late, do it in the studio they do the Voice in -get in an audience that’s just interested in that and make it bigger.

The bulk of his ire is aimed towards Eurosong organisers.

The people who have been running the national song contest in Ireland and doing the selection, over the years completely screwed it up. They cheapened it and made a complete haims of it. I feel no personal need to soothe their guilty conscious by taking part in it and then if it doesn’t do well letting them blame me – look we gave you Johnny but what else can we do?

Now, the man may have thrown a fair lot of shade Jedward‘s way, but as for his most recent comments we have just one thing to say – AMEN! But just a caveat – he has expressed similar feelings many times in the past, only to show up at Eurosong regardless. Will he be there tomorrow?

Billy McGuiness on Erika Selin – “It’s Outrageous”

J-Lo isn’t the only one slamming Eurosong. Linda Martin’s sparring partner from 2014, Billy McGuiness, known by some as “an odious little man”, has taken issue with Erika Selin’s inclusion in the final five.

Surely a Swedish singer singing a Swedish song with Swedish backing singers should be competing to be Sweden’s Eurovision entry, not Ireland’s? I think given the talent in the Irish music industry among songwriters, singers, it’s outrageous that RTE has seen fit to go outside Ireland to find someone who can sing Ireland’s Eurovision entry this year.

RTÉ have previously released a statement defending the “Break Me Up” singer’s participation in Friday’s final.

What do y’all think? Is all this criticism valid? Or should the two men just zip it and enjoy the show? Comment below.

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