Moldovan artists, fans react to Eduard Romanyuta’s victory

Last night in Chisinau, Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta won the Moldovan national final with “I Want Your Love”. However, love is the last thing that Eduard is getting from his fellow contestants and from the Eurovision fans, as allegations of vote rigging, corruption and plagiarism overshadow his victory.

Although nobody has filed an official complaint yet, allegations of jury buying flew from all directions. Many Moldovan artists, the press and Eurovision fans are furious that Eduard Romanyuta, who was fourth in the jury votes after the first semi-final, jumped to second place in the final and, helped by a whooping 13,500 televote surge (huge figure for a small and poor country like Moldova), finished first on the overall scoreboard. Eduard is also finger-pointed for voting for himself with 200 SIM cards in the Green Room, in plain vew of the other contestants, and for allegedly admitting that he bought the jury. Last but not least, he is accused of copying Mariah Carey’s song “It’s Like That”. That’s a lot of accusations, y’all.

However, the most serious ones are those of corruption. After the results were announced, the other 15 acts from the final booed Eduard and stormed out of the Green Room, united and decided to boycott the aftershow. Dana Markitan’s reaction during Eduard’s encore performance in the video below needs no translation:

In the same video, Doinita Gherman, who finished tenth on the scoreboard, expressed her discontent with the fact that the contest was not fair and transparent, and also with the fact that Moldova, land of many talented singers, chose to send a neighbour to represent the country in Vienna. Serj Kuzenkoff said in the video, “We don’t belong in Europe, because if we get there, we fill it with sh*t like we filled Moldova”.

In the video below, Marcel Rosca also accuses Eduard of buying the jury votes. Valeria Pasa says she is surprised and confused about the result, adding that the excessive number of televotes for Eduard is suspicious and that she knows that he bought them. Serj Kuzenkoff used air quotes to explain that the audience voted for Romanyuta and joked that he also voted for him 59 times. Mihaela Andrei is disappointed that a foreigner will represent the country, while Doinita Gherman said that she could not congratulate the winner.

Pasha Parfeny, who wrote the song “Maricica” for band DoReDos, which won the second semi-final, chose to react on Facebook:

Pasha Parfeny reaction Eduard Romanyuta

RIP EUROVISION MOLDOVA. It doesn’t matter that he is Ukrainian, what matters is that he is corrupt.

Earlier, he wrote:

Pasha Parfeny reaction Eduard Romanyuta 2

It is so obvious that almost everything was bought. Too bad… I feel ashamed.

Diana Brescan and Rodica Aculova also reacted on Facebook, saying that they were stunned by the results.

Miss M expressed her astonishment with regard to the discrepancy between the jury votes in the first semi-final and the same jury’s votes in the final, calling Eduard a “puppet”:

I have always respected my peers and I have nothing against Eduard personally. The poor guy is just a puppet. But his song package is [wanting]. The only thing that surprises me is why […] the jury voted differently in the semi-finals and the final, so that we all the cards were layed out [at the end] and they made us look like fools? I would have been glad to have someone from our midst represent us, not because they are ours but because objectively speaking we had much better shows and songs! I am deeply hurt that our country has been humiliated in this way. It’s a big shame!!! And I am sickened by the thought that the people will swallow this humiliation and will accept it sheepishly…

Moldovan fans of the show liked the fact that, during the contest, Eduard Romanyuta refused to speak Russian “out of personal choice”. Since he doesn’t speak Romanian, he talked in English with the hosts of the show. However, after he won, he switched to Russian. Because of the current political situation in the Ukraine, there is a strong anti-Russian current in Moldova and Eduard’s faux-pas disgusted many local fans of Eurovision.

Twitter was also ablaze last night after Eduard Romanyuta won. As the jury results were read out, Eurovision fans reacted in disbelief.


And then:


 And lastly,

Eduard Romanyuta thanked the jury and the televoters and told the press (in Russian):

I am shocked that I won. I shall try not to disappoint you and to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Moldova.

The 22-year old Ukrainian is the first international act that will represent Moldova at Eurovision. He will perform in the first half of the first semi-final. Ukraine announced its withdrawal from Eurovision this year, but fans over there will have someone to cheer for, even though they won’t be able to vote for him.

Update – On 3 March, SunStroke Project posted this message on Facebook:

SunStroke Project reaction 2015

What do you make of the reactions of the artists, the press and the fans? Do you believe the allegations of corruption against Eduard Romanyuta?


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