United Kingdom: Electro Velvet release dance remix of “Still In Love With You”

Fresh from co-presenting Eurovision’s Greatest Hits, Graham Norton premiered a new dance remix version of Electro Velvet’s song “Still in Love with You” on his BBC Radio 2 show. It’s taken the 1920’s-inspired electro swing song kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The violins are still there, but the bass has been given a turbo boost. Most of the song lyrics have been cut, making it a largely instrumental track. The backing singers are still put to use with their frequent demands that “everybody dance”, while Alex and Bianca’s occasional vocal snippets have been given a robotic sound.

The combination of violins and dance beats makes the song vaguely reminiscent of the Rednex bluegrass techno sound of the ’90s. It’s a fun enough dance track, but we can’t help wonder if it’s stealing the thunder of the original song, which is pretty danceable in its original form.

Electro Velvet – “Still In Love With You” (Lone Sharx Remix)

Electro Velvet live at Eurovision’s Greatest Hits

What do you think of the dance remix of “Still in Love with You”? Is it still sounding good, sugar? Would you dance to this at the Euroclub? Or would you rather have a knees-up to the original version?

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