wiwibloggs at Eurovision 2015: Sausage, Signage, Saunas (PHOTOS)

Hello, Europe! It’s Vienna calling! Today — that’s Saturday, May 9 — three members of the wiwibloggs team landed in Vienna ahead of the first Eurovision rehearsals on Monday. Padraig and William woke up at 4am (in Dublin and London) for early morning flights, and Jacob followed from Oslo later in the afternoon. We can all vouch that officials have painted the town pink (and purple and yellow and red) to mark the festivities. We’re serious. Just look at this Eurovision-branded taxi!

#Eurovision taxi, please!

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The warm welcome starts from the moment you deplane. Inside the arrivals lounge you’re greeted by a Eurovision video that says welcome to Vienna. When I walked past it was playing video footage of Australians celebrating their participation in front of the Sydney Opera House. As you’d imagine, there’s plenty of Building Bridges signage. Everywhere. 

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And it continues after you collect your luggage…

Danke! We are happy to be here! #Eurovision #buildingbridges

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After we dropped our bags off at the apartment, we high-tailed it to the Eurovision press centre to pick up our accreditation badges. Along the way we came across this advertisement for a Song Contest Sauna. Jokes about “Sauna Nielsen” followed. We’ve done a bit of research subsequently and it looks like the venue — known as the Pratersauna — is actually a house and techno club that occasionally hosts pool parties. You can see their viewing schedule, which includes both semis and the final, here

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We stopped for lunch along the way. Lots of restaurants near the arena have Building Bridges signage.

There are #buildingbridges #Eurovision logos outside of countless restaurants here in #Vienna

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We eventually made it to Wiener Stadthalle. Unlike in Copenhagen, the arena is conveniently located in the city centre. This makes life so much easier, especially when you’re carrying a camera, a mic, a tripod and a laptop. It was only a five minute walk from West Bahnhof and we could see the Building Bridges signage from miles away.

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We didn’t have any excuses to get lost…

This way to fabulous. #Eurovision #esc2015 #buildingbridges

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Inside the accreditation centre we bumped into our friends Mike and Daniel from esckaz. Taking a cue from Viktor & Samir, we almost managed to fit all four of us into this groupie. Accredtiation went smoothly, but apparently the photo I submitted with my application wasn’t acceptable because it included my shoulders. Fortuneately they just snapped me on the spot and we were good to go.

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Nex to the accreditation centre is a cafeteria that feeds the hundreds of Eurovision volunteers. Here’s the menu. On Monday they’ll have carrot soup and chicken breast in coconut curry sauce with jasmine rice.

#Eurovision volunteers get free food in Wiener Stadthalle

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We all left with press pack goodie bags! Every year the host broadcaster provides press with satchels branded with the logo and Eurovision artwork. This year’s bag looks way better than the bags from years past. Here’s Padraig modeling his while we edit stories at a nearby cafe.

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It was stuffed with great swag. Among the treats is a package of sausage, which clearly pays tribute to Conchita Wurst.

#buildingbridges with free sausages in our #Eurovision press kits

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Naturally this led us to film a series of sausage videos for the @wiwibloggs account on Snapchat. Be sure to follow us if you haven’t! Our material over there is a bit more intimate and racy…

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The bag also includes the official programme for Eurovision 2015. Here’s the Nina Sublatti page.

This is what @ninabgal looks like in the official #Eurovision program. Gorgeous!

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And there was also all of this: pralines, body lotion, pens, notepads, a shoe shiner and more…


Just before dinner we stopped by a hotel to rest our feet and came across Conchita in the in-house magazine. She’s described as tolerant, opulant and entertaining. YESSS!

#Eurovision winner @conchitawurst in our hotel magazine

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Anyway, folks. It’s been a long day and we are TOTALLY beat. On Sunday we’ll be going on the official tour of the Eurovision press centre with ORF and will be sure to shoot pics and videos so y’all can see all the facilities. Have a good night! xoxo wiwibloggs

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