Today the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — headed to Sweden and indulged in some super tasty meatballs with lingonberry jam in Gamla Stan. While there, we cranked up the volume on the boombox to listen to Måns Zelmerlöw and his track “Heroes”. Were we calling Måns cara mia after listening or did we leave him fighting for hope and glory? Read on to find out! 

Sweden’s Eurovision 2015 song

Reviews: Måns Zelmerlöw with “Heroes”

Angus: Charlotte Perrelli said, “taking the fight is the life of the hero,” and Måns Zelmerlöw has been in more fights pre-Contest than anyone else in Eurovision this year. He’s been attacked for being a runaway favourite with the bookies, accused of musical plagiarism and slammed for his screens but kept on walking. That makes Måns and “Heroes” all the more heroic in my eyes. Vocally superb, beyond catchy and a standout from the field, I sincerely hope this will be lucky number six for Sweden. #TeamMZHeroes all the way!

Score: 10/10

Bogdan: What else can I say that I haven’t said when I first reviewed “Heroes”? Despite finding Måns exceptionally charismatic and an accomplished singer and performer (the promo tour has confirmed this), the song remains as banal and dated as I found it two months ago. I would be so disappointed if Sweden won because there are way more original and worthy songs in competition. And no, I don’t hate Sweden: I love Melodifestivalen and I am one of Loreen’s biggest fans. But let’s face it, “Heroes” is no “Euphoria”…

Score: 3/10

Chris: Let’s be clear: nearly every criticism that has been levelled against “Heroes” since the song came out has pretty much been discredited by now. “He can’t sing live”, “it’s nothing without the video screens” – Måns has certainly shown that he can bring it on any stage. I do think that, in terms of recent winners, it isn’t as inspired a song as “Euphoria” and there’s a slight lack of originality compared with some of the other songs from this year. But in the end I can’t help but love this song. Of all the “obvious” winners, this is my favourite.

Score: 9.5/10

Deban: The opening bars of this track sounds like an homage to music from rural Alabama — until it bursts into a killer hook. Douze points for excellent staging. Måns Zelmerlöw is fabulously telegenic, and his pumped arms work a visual treat. “Heroes” is a weak entry without the visuals, but as an overall package, it deserves a spot in the Top 5.

Score: 7.5/10

Kristin: Yes….yes…yes…yes. Sweden is doing it for me and “Heroes” is doing it for me. It’s the whole package, and this wiwi jury member is a very happy camper who will be dancing around the Maypole whilst eating köttbullar och surströmming (easy on the surströmming). With or without the gnome, Måns is going to slay. And it’s not terribly difficult to look at him for 3 minutes…just saying.

Score: 10/10

Luis: Am I the only one who hates an entry when everything about it smells like a victory? I feel that Måns and “Heroes” have stolen the limelight this year. That’s not good! Don’t get me wrong, I really like this act, but I don’t think it’s as great as many people say. So I automatically become a hater until Eurovision week, when, after seeing it on stage, I accept with resignation that it’s one of the best entries of the year. The story of my life…

Score 8.5/10

Padraig: When it comes to staging, Måns is set to be the undisputed king of Eurovision 2015. It’s no mean feat to move perfectly in sync with visuals that he can’t even see. The song itself is *almost* perfect. Insanely catchy, those earworms turn to butterflies in my mind. But I can’t shake away the niggling feeling that I’ve heard it all before. Still, we can’t expect “Euphoria” levels of originality all the time, that would just be silly.

Score: 9/10

Robyn: I love “Heroes” so much. This is Sweden at the top of their game. It’s a massive floor-filler of a song and the lyrical message is uplifting but never twee. I know some have said the song is nothing without the staging, but two months on I’m still happily listening to the track on its own. It’s a great pop song! Måns is a confident singer and an even better performer. It remains to be seen how the staging in Vienna will differ from Melfest, but Sweden being Sweden, it’s sure to be just as captivating. Also: Måns <3

Score: 10/10

Our First Reaction

Sopon: As one of the few fans whose love for ESC doesn’t carry over to Melfest, I heard this only after it won. It immediately shot to the top of my list. The song is high quality compared to some others this year, but when you see the staging, hearing the song isn’t enough anymore. It’s been slipping further and further down my list since. It’s Sweden, so I’m sure they will do something spectacular (and if not, we can just enjoy Måns in those leather pants and a size-too-small shirt).

Score: 8.5/10

William: Mans is a proper star and he’s come to Vienna with perfectly produced pop. For me that’s the main problem: It’s just a bit too sleek and fancy, so seems to lack the soul of an Estonia. Mans’ voice does not suit the country-chat opener and the chorus isn’t particularly memorable. I’m pretty sure y’all are voting on a) the background and b) the fact that Mans is easy on the eyes (especially in leather pants). That said, he’s a brilliant live performer and had me under his spell at the London Eurovision Party. I give him a 10, but his song slightly less…

Score: 8/10

Our jury consists of 29 people, but we only have room for 10 written reviews. Here are the remaining 19 scores. 

Anthony: 8.5/10

Denise: 9.5/10

Francheska: 8.5/10

Josh: 8/10

Judit: 8.5/10

Liam: 5/10

Marek: 8/10

Mario: 10/10

Max: 7.5/10

Mike: 8/10

Mikhail: 8/10

Patrick: 9/10

Ramadan: 5.5/10

Renske: 9.5/10

Rezo: 9.5/10

Sami: 9/10

Sinan: 10/10

William C: 7/10

Zach: 8/10

To reduce potential bias, we drop the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. We removed a low of 3 and a high of 10.



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ESC 4ever

I’m rating all the songs of 2015 again in 2016…

Sweden= 8/10


Look Bogdan: I have nothing against you or your reviews. But to put in “I would be so dissapointed if Sweden won” was that really necessary?


Mixed genre may be in vogue and is an interesting mix but then it gets repetitive


It’s just doesn’t do it for me
Favourite it may be but the bookies have been wrong before
The staging will really need to blow me away to change my mind on this one

Christian Kaad

Måns NAILS it
Seen him live
Love him
Since day one back in time but why does he pick the wrong songs??
I ???? him but he always has much better album cuts.
I wish him nothing but the best
Would like a surprise not hotly tipped winner though
If everything was set in stone by now why bother travelling??


Nope. For me it is a bad song. 3/10.


Eugene ESC UK: UKs song its sounds like every song from the 20s. So your song its not original. And its boooring, i only listen for half song, then i am tired. Måns have the best song. Stockholm 2016


[…] 8.44 points on 10. This ranks the Svedish entry in second position in Wiwibloggs rankings. – WIWI JURY: SWEDEN’S MÅNS ZELMERLÖW WITH “HEROES” – on Wiwibloggs (May 12, 2015 in […]


Also.. people can calcute on negative and positive things all they want. But let me make something clear.. not all people live in a eurovision bubble and turn on every stone like the hardcore fans. They won’t care! They just simply are gonna see what they are gonna see and hear what they are gonna hear. And if the like it or not just has to be seen.


Ol, thanks. Really thanks for that intelligent comment.. Eurovision without Sweden is like a zebra without stripes 😀


Steven feels me pain <3




I like Måns’ voice and he is a good performer (with or without the screen background). The song is great, it gorws all the time. I loved Cara Mia in 2007. Bu i love this even more.


I agree with Bogdan’s review. I will be so disappointed if “Heros” wins. There are many great songs, submitted by singers & composers committed to their art. “Heroes” is a calculated confection designed to win the competition. The heartless song is little more than an whoa-whoa chant.
Really, I think people are voting on Mans’ good looks. Sure he is a great performer but without the visuals “Heroes” is just plastic pop and an unworthy winner.


I really don’t know what this song is supposed to be about but I find its grandioseness quite annoying.

Eugene ESC UK
There are several issues and several positives here so it’s probably easier to just to list the positives and negatives. Negatives :- 1) First mistake was copying the Projection Mapping from “The Alchemy of Light” by a dandypunk and having to pull the video due to copyright issues. Going into the ESC without a proper video is unheard of. 2) The song is clearly “inspired” by David Guetta’s “Lovers on the Sun”, so juries could mark it down on originality. It’s no songwriting masterpiece and not a WOW for me. 3) The song does NOT have the same appeal without… Read more »

Sweden get out from eurovision. Is the best thing u can do for all


Overproduced, self-indulgent, vapid, insepid…
But the hoi polloi love it -.-

Bogdan Honciuc

Y’all need to chill. My score was removed anyway lol

Måns, SVT & Christer Björkman all 3 of them have reduced Sweden’s chance to win the contest. Neverless! But they also told to the media that they have high hopes & they are working really hard to be ranked inside of the TOP 3 at the FINAL, because of tough competition especially coming from Italy & Australia in their minds. Therefore I am going to think that the majority part of EUROPEAN VOTERS could easily give their preferences either to Italy or to Australia. For the whole entire competition & for the future attractiveness of the EUROVISION idea I think… Read more »

Oh, Bogdan.



My 3rd favourite, this could be a worldwide hit. It is also really well performed.


Overrated as they come *YAWN*


Overrated. the o o o part is catchy, i can’t deny it but the song gets boring and monotonous.

Yes, the song is good. Yes, it will probably do well and get a zillion points as usual. But to be honest, I’m sick of Sweden sending the same song over and over again. Every single year they send the same Schlager/Europop/Dance/Bubblegum tune, and I’m seriously bored now. On top of that, with all the countries who try to do the exact same kind of music, we end up with 10 songs produced by Swedes this year, which makes me EVEN MORE bored. And last but not least, the latest “I would date a guy” statement by Mans is just… Read more »

People need to stop comparing Mans to Loreen. Sweden to Loreen. Everyone else to Loreen. Yes, Loreen was awesome but she was 2012, get over it people!


I’m Swedish and I don’t want Måns to win since it’s not as good as Euphoria. I think it would be a shame if we won even though we sent an average/bland song.


The song Heroes is a copy from Lovers on the sun who songwriter steel it from. I agree with all say this

I have always felt that Heroes lacks a bit power in the refrains. A stronger beat. But other than that it’s absolutely one of the best songs this year. And I really hope that the changes with the animations will be just as good as in Melodifestivalen. Måns looks a bit tired after a busy schedule, I hope will be able to bring his energy to Vienna. In his interview with SVT he feels almost like Vienna is going to be a vacation because he can concentrate on only one thing. Both Christer Björkman and Måns reduces Sweden’s chances of… Read more »

Bogdan. Euphoria= Loreens song. Hero=Måns song. Its not the same song. Danmark 2013 was not Euphoria, It was the a Irish song from the 90s, but won anyway.


Ani: Lägg ner det där att den skulle vara plagiat. Hade den varit det, hade den blivit diskad för länge sedan. Estland, Norge och många låtar i år är isåfall också plagiat av nederländerna 2014. Estland och norge, kan inte sjunga rent, det ät falsk och surt, och segt och träkigt. Du är bara avundsjuk att Sverige har bra låtar och bra artister. VÄX UPP


I’m not a fan of it at all, really glad to see Estonia staying ahead! <3


Looooooove Mans and his song <3
I understand people getting a bit tired of Sweden, they always seem like they come on too strongly. But it's not really their fault if they bring the quality every year, now is it?
The song is extremely calculated, I'll readily admit that, but those calculations have been very succesful if the OGAE poll is anything to go by. It's a perfect formula of the perfect performer with the perfect song, that's why I think it won't actually win, but you never know, I wouldn't be mad if it did.

Mei International

(remember gave our 12 to popular and euphoria)

Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Very powerful song…I really like it.. <3 But its not truly winning material song though.. But at least its wayyyy much better song than Australia's that is hyped as the 3rd hot favorite to win.. I have Mans' *Heroes* as my 8th most liked song of the 40 & as my 2nd in the 2nd SF… Sweden's song might not be my personal winner but at least i prefer this to win over others like Australia.. 1) Georgia 9/10 2) Italy 8/10 3) Holland 7,5/10 4) France 7/10 5) Malta 6,5/10 6) Serbia 6,5/10 7) Hungary 6,5/10 8) ** SWEDEN**… Read more »

Overproduced maybe overpromoted certain. Has/had plastic and fake written from song, singing, staging to all details that are possible to see.


I really like this song, he is a great performer, but on the other hand I hate liking it because it lacks originality and soul, as William brilliantly put it. I can’t see this not doing well, but I’d be lying if I said I wanted this to win, it just feels like it’s all been seen before. I still believe it’ll be a two-horse race between Sweden and Italy. And personally I prefer the latter.

On that note, team wiwibloggs, how come you haven’t made an article about the OGAE poll results??


This is similar to Lovers on the Sun, yes, but claiming plagiarism is going way too far.

I dunno, Sweden was tipped to win last year too, but it didn’t happen. I think the biggest reason Italy isn’t ranked #1 in the betting odds is that the bookies are wary of classical-styled pop music after what happened to Sognu in 2011. However, Il Volo are stronger vocalists than Amaury.

Mans is a gifted vocalist. His song is rather average to me, though.


It is indeed a very slick and catchy pop song and one that I have downloaded and enjoy listening to. I don’t however want it to win. There are four other songs (Norway, Belgium, Slovenia and Estonia) which for me are also top quality and have the soul and edginess that Heroes lacks. As others have said Heroes is almost overproduced. I give it 8/10.


The song is stolen from David Guetta Lovers on the sun
shame of the songwriters
also the stage show is stolen


Probably one of two songs I see winning this contest, along with Italy.

If he does win, SVT better bring the contest to Stockholm (though Mans grew up near Malmo).


This song is already done it is stolen from another song

9.5/10 Wow! That’s now seven songs that the jury scored over 8. This is awesome! Anyway, I will admit I show favouritism for Swedish entries. Melodifestivalen is the national selection I pay close attention to, even downloading their songs every year (I hardly do that for any other national selection). In recent years, they have sent entries that people think will win or end up very high and Måns Zelmerlöw is no exception. The song is so catchy, the staging was amazing at Melodifestivalen, and he’s charismatic. I’ve seen his live performances promoting this song, and if the audience singing… Read more »
When Mans won Melodifestivalen with “Heroes”, it shot straight up to my number 1, I loved it. But now, Im kind of bored with it and it doesnt have the same effect on me. I still like it, its still in my top 10, but it just doesnt have the same power that it had at first. Mans has also clearly taken inspiration from Avicii. But, its a good song, very current, chart worthy and could stand on its own outside of Eurovision, which is rare. Its no Euphoria, but I dont think that’ll ever happen again for a while… Read more »

My first thoughts when I encountered “Heroes” was that everybody else should just give up and battle for second place. That does not necessarily mean that I love the song but rather, that this is manufactured to win and win it probably shall. Similarly to the jury members, it does not make me feel anything and lacks the heart of the better songs (Albania, Georgia, Macedonia etc.). Still, this is your winner.


I just don’t want Sweden to host for the second time in five years 🙁
I kind of give up on hating this song as long as Finland doesn’t win though

Saule Riet

Will Sweden ever stop to send this copycats?!?!?!?!?!?!
Every year Deja vu. I have a feeling that i listen only one song every year in Melodifestivalen/Eurovision. All songs in Melodifestivalen/Eurovision are plastic, calculated, without any emotion. I need more songs like snälla snälla (Caroline Af Ugglas MF 2009) and Jag reser mig igen (Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern MF 12)!

I know i will be killed but Heroes is my dead last this year. 40/40


“Slick” is the single worst insult I can give a Eurovision entrant, and, sadly, I must apply it to this song. It tries to make me feel something, but I just get a vibe of cold calculation from it. Beautiful staging, though, and Måns does sing it well.