Spain: Press reacts with disappointment to Edurne’s result

Edurne had huge support behind her on Saturday night when she strutted out to perform ‘Amanacer’. Fans and the bookies saw her breaking the odd-year-curse and landing España a second consecutive Top 10 finish. Ultimately she didn’t move beyond her slot in the running order: 21st place with just 15 points.

“Unfair”, “disappointment” and “politics” were the three main words spreading through social media after the Spain-wreck had taken its course. It seems like the odd year curse, which puts Spain below position 20 every other year, lives on.

The online press in Spain yo-yoes from sadness to brutal criticism of the Spanish entry. At times it even picks on the Contest for being cheesy and “bland when there are no freaks taking part”.

Surprisingly, the most read newspaper in Spain has been the one with the most out-of-place impressions, sparing no mercy for either the Spanish entry or the show. An El País headline reads: “Sweden wins a freakshow-free edition of the Eurovision Song Contest”, pointing out that Spain didn’t factor despite that dress reveal and the presence of  Italian stallion Giuseppe di Bella and his six-pack.

“Black daybreak in Eurovision” screamed El Mundo, adding: “Edurne gave the best she could with just the help of her dancer”. ABC echoed the same gloomy sentiment: “Cloudy daybreak for Edurne while Sweden gets the big prize”. These two influential media outlets highlight the symbolism underlying the staging, being a live version of “La Pietà” at the beginning and using a graphic element to recreate an unreal world where she talks about a past love from which she wants to break free.

Keeping on with the constructive criticism, La Vanguardia congratulated Edurne and the whole delegation for the outstanding staging and the roar from Wiener Stadthalle once she finished. But it also pointed out a few missteps, such as the cape rip-off going earlier than expected and a couple of missed notes. It ultimately concludes that “Amanecer” was overwhelmed by both Sweden and Russia, which, in its mind, were stronger songs.

Hypocrisy takes centre stage when we look at another well-known online paper, Público. “TVE couldn’t find anyone who spoke English,” it writes. The authors points out how “laaaaame” the Contest has become, and how predictable the voting was, because “12 points always go to the neighbouring country, so we are starting to countdown from 10”. Even so, she criticises Portugal for giving Spain just “3 shitty points” and feels utterly ashamed that the EBU allows both Israel and Australia to take part in Eurovision, because “it costs us money, you know?”

So-called journalists criticising Edurne’s performance over the weekend are ten a penny today, but don’t’ worry. Those who had followed the show live could see Edurne giving us her best shot and getting low reward for that.

At least we’ll always have the dress reveals to console us. No-one can take dem skills away from homegirl.

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