Eurovision fans remember Belgium’s Barbara Dex primarily for her ill-advised costume at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. Wearing what appeared to be a transluscent potato sack or set of aged curtains, she has subsequently become synonymous with on-stage fashion disasters, thanks to the Barbara Dex Award.

Miss Dex, whose voice possesses much more charm than her infamous costume, has kept on making music. In fact, more than two decades after her ESC performance, she is back with a new single called “Falling in Love”. It’s a 1950s throwback that makes us think of nights in our cars at the drive-in movie. (And, at least musically, of Belgium’s JESC 2011 song “Een kusje meer” from Femke).

Barb sings a list of demands to her lover, and she demands a lot: “This is reality and not some kind of fiction, shake it shake it honey, cause I need it, you gotta prove yourself cause I wanna feel it.”

Her expectations go beyond the physical. You simply cannot embarrass Barbara in public: “Hold on a second cause I don’t want trouble, don’t let me tell you you’re so drunk you’re seeing double, double.” It sounds like she’s had some bad experiences. We wonder if she feels the pressure to appear well dressed all the time.

What do you think of “Falling in Love”? Let us know in the comments box below.

Barbara Dex at Eurovision 1993

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Meghan Trainor much? :Dddd

Melissa Kutcher

I recall that Barbara has a very good sense of humor with the award named after her. It would be great if she gave her opinions about the worst dreesed in Eurovision history.

Oh…loved the song!

Robyn Gallagher

Well, *someone* is a fan of Meghan Trainor…


@ Oh YES Sopon….Way too similar with that song indeed..

Its GreAtY as well to be the #1 for the most worst :)
Its GreAtY as well to be the #1 for the most worst :)

Well….OK song & the videoclip is fun.. 🙂
Barbara Dex offered us her famous trophy 4 the best dressed act in Vision ((with being last on the bottom though.. 😛 ))
so we thank her.. <3
At least she had the guts to design herself her own visionary dress & i give her the credit 4 that 🙂

Even if it 4 the best even if it 4 the ^WORST^ it doesn't matter really….You always win & be the ONE… <3

The zeroes / worst dressed acts are remembered MORE than gazzilion other better acts that finish somewhere in between.. 😛 Its the truth..


Because ya know I’m all about dat bass, bout dat bass..,