Poll results: The Makemakes’ “I Am Yours” is the least memorable song of Eurovision 2015

Two weeks ago we attempted to remember all 40 Eurovision 2015 songs in succession with a camera rolling. Despite having heard the songs a million times in the run-up to Vienna, we struggled with a few, particularly The Makemakes’ “I Am Yours”. In fact, it was the only song we gave up on during filming. Not even thoughts of their flaming piano could help us remember the tune.

Well it seems that we’re not alone. We gave our readers two weeks to vote for the songs they struggled to recall. After counting 4,757 votes, Austria’s The Makemakes have come out on top. They earned 226 votes, or around 5% of all those cast, putting them just ahead of Portugal’s Leonor Andrade (204 votes) and San Marino’s Anita & Michele (202 votes). In case you can’t remember, Leonor sang “Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa”, and the San Marinese duo sang “Chain of Lights”. Given that The Makemakes scored zero points in the final, and that Portugal and San Marino failed to qualify, these results shouldn’t be that surprising…

According to our readers, Georgia’s Nina Sublatti had the most memorable song of the year with “Warrior”. Our readers also considered the songs from Belgium, Israel and Estonia highly memorable.

Below you can watch our Eurovision 2015 recap again and see the results in full. We’ll publish our Eurovision 2014 recap video tomorrow, and run another poll.

Which Eurovision 2015 do you struggle to remember? (Poll Closed)

Austria: The MakeMakes with “I Am Yours” 4.75% (226 votes)

Portugal: Leonor Andrade with “Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa” 4.29% (204 votes)

San Marino: Michele Perniola and Anita with “Chain of Lights” 4.25% (202 votes)

FYR Macedonia: Daniel Kajmakoski with “Lisja esenski” 4.12% (196 votes)

Poland: Monika Kuszynska with “In the Name of Love” 3.97% (189 votes)

Finland: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät with “Aina mun pitää” 3.85% (183 votes)

Czech Republic: Marta & Vaclav with “Hope Never Dies” 3.72% (177 votes)

Cyprus: Giannis Karagiannis with “One Thing I Should Have Done” 3.7% (176 votes)

Hungary: Boggie with “Wars for Nothing” 3.7% (176 votes)

Romania: Voltaj with “De La Capat” 3.47% (165 votes)

France: Lisa Angell with “N’oubliez pas” 3.13% (149 votes)

Montenegro: Knez with “Adio” 3.07% (146 votes)

Switzerland: Mélanie René with “Time to Shine” 3.03% (144 votes)

Armenia: Genealogy with “Face the Shadow” 2.99% (142 votes)

Azerbaijan: Elnur Huseynov with “Hour of the Wolf” 2.96% (141 votes)

Malta: Amber with “Warrior” 2.92% (139 votes)

Ireland: Molly Sterling with “Playing with Numbers” 2.86% (136 votes)

Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou with “One Last Breath” 2.82% (134 votes)

Moldova: Eduard Romanyuta with “I Want Your Love” 2.8% (133 votes)

Denmark: Anti Social Media with “The Way You Are” 2.44% (116 votes)

Albania: Elhaida Dani with “I’m Alive” 2.29% (109 votes)

UK: Electro Velvet with “Still in Love With You” 2.29% (109 votes)

Iceland: María Ólafsdóttir with “Unbroken” 2.25% (107 votes)

Spain: Edurne with “Amanecer” 1.85% (88 votes)

Belarus: Uzari and Maimuna With “Time” 1.83% (87 votes)

Germany: Ann Sophie with “Black Smoke” 1.74% (83 votes)

Lithuania: Monika & Vaidas with “This Time” 1.62% (77 votes)

The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis with “Walk Along” 1.53% (73 votes)

Italy: Il Volo with “Grande Amore” 1.51% (72 votes)

Serbia: Bojana Stamenov with “Ceo svet je moj” 1.45% (69 votes)

Russia: Polina Gagarina with “A Million Voices” 1.43% (68 votes)

Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw with “Heroes” 1.43% (68 votes)

Latvia: Aminata with “Love Injected” 1.37% (65 votes)

Australia: Guy Sebastian with “Tonight Again” 1.35% (64 votes)

Slovenia: Maraaya with “Here For You” 1.35% (64 votes)

Norway: Mørland & Debrah Scarlett with “A Monster Like Me” 1.26% (60 votes)

Estonia: Elina & Stig with “Goodbye to Yesterday” 1.22% (58 votes)

Israel: Nadav Guedj with “Golden Boy” 1.16% (55 votes)

Belgium: Loïc Nottet with “Rhythm Inside” 1.14% (54 votes)

Georgia: Nina Sublatti with “Warrior” 1.09% (53 votes)

Total Votes: 4,757

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