Will Loïc Nottet conquer French hearts once again?

According to Closer, the Belgian singer is about to compete against other celebrities in the upcoming season of Danse avec les stars, the French equivalent of the worldwide hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

The 19-year old singer — who recieved 12 points from his French neighbours — seems hungry for more competition after finishing as runner-up in The Voice Belgique and reaching fourth place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

If you watched the show in Vienna in May — we know you did! — you surely won’t have forgotten his amazing dancing skills. He surprised Europe (and Australia) with his flawless moves and incredible choreography. In case you don’t remember, let’s take a look:

Anggun says “Non, merci!”

Sadly, the French audience will not see another Eurovision star in the contest. The Indonesian-born signer Anggun, who sang for France in 2012, tweeted this on Thursday to say that she won’t appear on the TV show this year. She sent a message to wish Bonne chance! to her friend Vincent Niclo, a singer, who will compete against Loïc Nottet this fall. May the best dancer win!


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Lawerence Ciolek

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that person

If such an openly professional dancer appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, there would be a ton of bad press on how it’s an unfair advantage.


I think it would be great (this show is very popular in France), but it’s not confirmed yet. Neither Loïc or the TV channel TF1 has confirmed the info.


@ Well because he truly IS and very hot babe even…
Oh boy…He is really handsome…His face is so beautiful…
I could easily have a crush on him you know <3
He was definitely one of the hottest guys in the Vision of Vienna.. <3

I guess that its something with you & your taste…I believe that everyone with good sense of taste do find Loic hottie hunk..


That picture reminds me of András Kállay-Saunders, our 2014 entry.


Don’t get why everyone thinks he is hot…


I was hoping for some new music from him, maybe at a later time. Time to dust off my french I guess, does anyone know when it starts airing?


This will be glam!


It’d be better if he records a new album and capitalise on the Eurovision success.

But how will he be presented to the French audience? He’s unknown in France.

Robyn Gallagher

OMG, Loïc is such a good dancer! He’ll be amazing! And doing a reality show like this means a decent pay cheque that in turn he can put towards his music career.

Well the main reason that i did not really ike Belgium’s Loic’s song is because it really reminds me of *Royals* by Lorde and its kinda rip off of this popular hit song of 2013.. But if i had never heard *Royals* before or Lorde’s song would not had existd i would believe that Loic’s *Rhythm Inside* would be a good nice song.. It did really great with finishing 4th with such high number of points like 217 were…{only 1 less point that Sanna gathered last year} And it really good on european charts 4 a song of ESC.. It… Read more »
#MarioVision ~ This rhythm is just gone 4 good..
#MarioVision ~ This rhythm is just gone 4 good..

Well i was not excited about his song…Although his live performance was great..
And Loic is very hot babe..<3 That was the highlight with Belgium this year.. 😉
If only i was 19 years old…Now im 10 years older!
Next May im gonna do a FRIENDS theme party like the one they did with Rachel when she celebrated her 30 birthday years 😉


Now now. Conchita took her time releasing an album and the result was great! He is wise to milk his time — get some cash, get comfortable, then record in peace!!


NOOOOOO! I’m waiting for an album. More tunes from this guy and spectacular videos and to see his career take off. Zero interest with some reality dance contest. Bad move.