Australia: “My Girls” originally intended for The Voice winner Anja Nissen

When SBS announced that Bella Paige would be singing the Delta Goodrem-written song “My Girls” as Australia’s Junior Eurovision debut, it seemed like a perfect match of singer and song. But it turns out that “My Girls” was once intended for a very different singer – The Voice winner Anja Nissen.

Delta Goodrem originally co-wrote the song in a session for her upcoming fifth album. Delta eventually decided not to use it herself, and in 2014 the song was announced as being the debut single for the winner of the third Australian series of The VoiceAnja Nissen.

Anja Nissen: her boy Will didn't want her "Girls"
Anja Nissen: her boy didn’t want her “Girls”

Anja’s version of the song had been recorded and was all set to be released, but at the last minute it was announced that “My Girls” wouldn’t be Anja’s debut after all. This lead to the unusual situation of Anja being crowned the winner of The Voice but not having a winner’s single to perform on the show.

Anja explained to the press that her mentor on the show,, had made the call because he felt the song wasn’t Anja’s style.

We didn’t have enough time. Will wanted to be part of the decision making process when it came to choosing the single. Will wasn’t sure if My Girls was the right style for me. He wanted to have a few more days to think about that and start working on ideas, looking at where to go next.

Anja later released the synthpop song “I’m So Excited” as her debut, which spent only one week in the Australian chart, peaking at No.42.

But Anja’s loss is very much the gain of Junior Eurovision. It looks like “My Girls” has finally found a home with Bella Paige. If the initial fan feedback is anything to go by, this combination of singer and song is a perfect match.

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