Hadise "Prenses" 100 million YouTube Views

“Prenses” by Hadise has just passed the 100 million views mark on YouTube. That’s no mean feat, and the “Dum Tek Tek” singer becomes only the second Eurovision alum to hit the milestone, the first being Celine Dion with “My Heart Will Go On”. SLAY QUEEN!

Hadise celebrates the voice

What makes the achievement even more impressive, is that Turkey’s 2009 rep managed it in less than a year. “Prenses” was only uploaded to the video sharing website on 2 December 2014. By comparison, the Eurovision 1988 winner’s video was published on 13 May 2007 and has currently amassed 112 million views. Here’s what we thought of the Turkish hitmaker’s single at the time:

The video unfolds at a wedding ceremony, and naturally Hadise is the bride. There are no men — women rule the roost — and the lyrics have a feminist bent. She basically says she wants the same attention from her husband as she receives from her father. The main theme is hidden in this sentence of the song: “Kadinin gucunu hafife alma.” That means: “Do not underestimate the strength of women.”. We never underestimate you, Hadise!

Looks like we were right not to underestimate her!

Hadise “Prenses” Official Video

Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” Official Music Video

So what other Eurovision stars are on course to join Celine and Hadise in the 100 million club? At 95 million Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” needs just 5 million, while ABBA are currently about eight million short with “Dancing Queen” at almost 92 million. Other high rankers include Olivia Newton-John with “You’re The One That I Want” at 89 million and t.A.T.u with “All The Things She Said” at 82 million. The most watched Eurovision song is Alexander Rybak’s grand final performance of “Fairytale”, which has nearly 68 million views. Bear in mind, these statistics aren’t consolidated, they only include single video view counts.

What do y’all think? Does Hadise deserve her 100 million views? And what other singers would you like to see reach the milestone? Let us know below.


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Most of the songs that you’ve mentioned now have way over 100m views. Maybe you could compile an updated list?


Eurovision gave a big boost to hadise’s career in Turkey, she become really popular.

I wouldn’t rule out a future comeback of Hadise in ESC, if Turkey decides to return and win.


You forgot about Serebro – 84 322 096 views


Alexander Rybak is unquestionably the record! No one has so far not received so many votes at the Eurovision Song Contest. I deserve a million or two and …more.


well-deserved. i think i’m responsible for a chunk of that views because that video really gives me life.

jr esc nl

Turkey just announced they won’t participate in esc 2016 🙁


Turkey loves her and I see her a lot on Turkish television. Even though I don’t understand most of it (I grew up with my Dutch mom), I can see she is very loved.

I hope Turkey comes back, but I kind of lost my hope. I miss my (half)country.


I’m not underestimating this milestone occurrence, but given there are more than 100,000,000 Turks all over the world and millions from other nationalities embracing their Turkish culture and heritage in Central Asia and the Caucasus, it’s not so much that this song is uniformly recognizable all over the world as it is among Turkish speaking countries and territories in particular. For me it’s just another well-produced ethno-pop song that may have resonated with taboos and underlying themes, but certainly not a mind blowing phenomenon of a song.


Hadise, one of the few reasons why I’m proud to be Flemish. Of course she deserved it, she’s lovely and really talented!