Switzerland: RSI reveals its songs for Expert Check

Switzerland has one of the most complicated national selection processes in all of Europe, however we are now one step closer to tasting our cheese fondue on 13 February! Italian-Swiss broadcaster RSI has announced the three songs that will progress to the Expert Check stage.

Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI) has announced the three acts and songs that will be vying for the sole Italian-Swiss spot in the final. These are:

  • Theo – “Because of you”
  • Elias Bertini – “Elephant”
  • Nathalie – “Share Love”

Both Elias and Nathalie also entered their songs in the open selection of German-Swiss broadcaster SRF. The public voting period continues for SRF’s selection until 16 November.

The three RSI songs will join 10 from SRF and six from French-Swiss broadcaster RTS. Those songs will be assessed at the Expert Check stage on 6 December, from which six acts – including one of the RSI songs – will make it to the final in Kreuzlingen on 13 February.

Gabriel Broggini from Sinplus, alongside Pablo Meneguzzi (Switzerland 2008) and Simone Tomassini whittled down 30 songs submitted to RSI before choosing these three artists. Take a listen to the songs!

Theo – “Because of You”

Theo is a 21-year-old Lugano-born singer-songwriter. Theo describes “Because of You” as being “for all those people that like me, once in your life, have had a person away waiting just to be able to see: a loved one, a friend, a brother.. It doesn’t matter. This is dedicated to you all.”

Elias Bertini – “Elephant”

Elias is a London-based musician and was the former frontman of the Swiss group Zero On In. Elias featuring Zero On In made it as far as the Expert Check stage in 2014 with their song “Your Perfume”.

Nathalie – “Share Love”

Nathalie is a London-based singer/actress. She is known in Italy for being the girlfriend of Grande Fratello (Big Brother) contestant Amedeo. Nathalie played the role of a violinist in the music video for Brighi feat. Snoop Dogg’s 2012 song “Play Me Like a Violin”.

Nathalie RSI Swiss Italian 2016

Click here to listen to Nathalie’s song.

Who is your favourite?

What’s your favourite song? Could one of these songs win the Swiss national selection? Could there even be a potential Eurovision winner here? Vote in our poll, and share your thoughts below.

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Photo credit: RSI