POLL: Who should represent Belarus at Eurovision 2016?

So far talk of Belarus’ national selection for Eurovision 2016 has revolved around one group: the musical zombies known as Sweet Brains. The walking dead really gave Eurofans life. Sadly, they’ve been killed off by the jury, which included Eurovision stars Dmitry Koldun, TEO and Alyona Lanskaya. But the show must go on! Ten acts remain and they are serving a heady mix of melodramatic ballads, funky soul and (slightly dated) modern rock.

Naturally we have to ask: Who is your favourite? You can review each of the finalists below and then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many songs as you like, but you can only vote once.

The date of the national final has not yet been set, but we know it will take place before January 25. We’ll close this poll shortly before the final — whenever that turns out to be. It’s up to Belarus on the night, but for now it’s up to you. Europe, start voting now!

Belarus in Eurovision 2016: Who should win the national final?

Alexander Ivanov with “How to Fly”


Valeriya Sadovskaya with “Not Alone”


Anastasia Malashkevich with “Pray for Love”

NAVI with “Gyeta zyamlya (This Land)”

Alexey Gross with “Flame”

Kirill Yermakov with “Running to the Sun”

Radiovolna with “Radiowave (Ne Shodi S Uma)”

Sasha Zakharik with “Glory Night”

NAPOLI with “My Universe”

THE EM with “Turn Around”

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