Poll results: Maika is your favourite to proceed to the Swiss final

The Swiss Expert Check round is due to take place tomorrow, where the 19 shortlisted songs will be assessed by a panel of experts, with six lucky acts progressing to the national final on 13 February. We’ve been running a poll asking who your favourites are to advance to the final. The winner, with 23.91% of the vote is Spanish rock diva Maika.

The poll results show how wiwi readers ranked the 19 contestants – but it’s not quite as straightforward as that. The Expert Check panel won’t just be picking the six best songs. Rather, they’ll be selecting the three best candidates from German-Swiss broadcaster SRF, two from French-Swiss RTS and one from Italian-Swiss RSI. So that leaves us with these six:

1. Maika – “The Reason” (SRF)

Maika made a name for herself in Spain as one of the contestants on the first series of La Voz (The Voice), where she was known for her gravelly rock vocals. She has a legion of supporters in Spain, but is less known in Switzerland.

2. Rykka – “The Last of Our Kind” (SRF)


Swiss-Canadian singer-songwriter Rykka divides her time between Vancouver and Zürich. Rykka has recently been touring in Germany.

3. Stanley Miller – “Feel the Love” (SRF)


Stanley Miller, also known as Chipper Cooke, is an American singer now based in Spain. He was a contestant on Spanish talent show Operación Triunfo where he placed third in 2008.

4. Elias Bertini – “Elephant”  (RSI)

Elias is a London-based Swiss musician and was the former frontman of the Swiss group Zero On In. This will be Elias’ second time at the Expert Check — last year Zero On In made an appearance with their song “Your Perfume”.

5. Loïc Schumacher – “Génération demain” (RTS)

Belgian singer Loïc Schumacher has the only non-English song in the wiwi poll top six.

6. Bella C – “Another World” (RTS)


Bulgarian-born singer-songwriter Bella C moved to Switzerland in the early 2000s to further her career as a professional musician. She’s released one album.

Poll results: Who should advance to Switzerland’s final from Expert Check?

1. Maika – “The Reason” 23.91%  (330 votes) – SRF
2. Rykka – “The Last of Our Kind” 17.46%  (241 votes) – SRF
3. Stanley Miller – “Feel the Love” 8.77%  (121 votes) – SRF
4. Elias Bertini – “Elephant” 6.09%  (84 votes) – RSI
5. Patric Scott feat. Abdullah Alhussainy – “No Boundaries” 6.01%  (83 votes) – SRF
6. Evelyn Zangger – “Have a Little Faith In Me” 5.36%  (74 votes) – SRF
7. Vincent Gross – “Half a Smile” 4.78%  (66 votes) – SRF
8. Platzhirsch – “Holz vor dr Hütta” 4.64%  (64 votes) – SRF
9. Nathalie – “Share Love” 4.28%  (59 votes) – RSI
10. Loic Schumacher – “Génération demain” 4.13%  (57 votes) – RTS
11. Sunanda – “Ooops!?!” 3.33%  (46 votes) – SRF
12. Bella C – “Another World” 2.61%  (36 votes) – RTS
13. Theo – “Because of You” 2.39%  (33 votes) – RSI
14. Gina von Glasow – “Left With An Idiot” 1.59%  (22 votes) – RTS
15. Kaceo – “Disque d’or” 1.52%  (21 votes) – RTS
16. Stéphanie Palazzo – “Perché mi guardi cosi?” 1.45%  (20 votes) – RTS
17. Stéphanie Sandoz – “Flashback” 0.8%  (11 votes) – RTS
18. Samuel Tobias Klauser – “Asking Me Why” 0.72%  (10 votes) – SRF
19. Erica Arnold – “Ich bin ich” 0.14%  (2 votes) – SRF

Watch the live stream

The Expert Check round is where the panel assess the performers for qualities such as live performance skills, voice quality and stage presence. The performances will be streamed live on Sunday, 6 December, starting from 13:00 CET. You can watch the webstream live at SRF. And if the previous years’ Expert Checks are anything to go by, expect to be surprised in many different ways.

Do you agree with the top six from the wiwi poll? Who do you think will make it through the rigours of Expert Check? Share your thoughts below.