POLL: What is the most Christmassy Eurovision song?

Every day until December 24, we’re stuffing your stockings with a new Eurovision poll and asking for your opinion about important matters such as who had the best tree backdrop in 2015 and which national final you are looking forward to the most. Consider this our advent calendar for 2015. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can let us know your thoughts each and every day by casting your vote and sounding off in our comments section. There’s only three days left until Christmas, so let’s hurry to today’s poll!

Day 22: Christmassy Eurovision songs

Shops and radio stations have been playing traditional Christmas tunes since November — and we are all bored of them already. That’s why we’ve identified some Christmassy songs we’ve heard on the Eurovision stage in recent years. Below we have listed 13 Eurovision songs we find fitting for the holiday season — either because of their lyrics or the atmosphere that they evoke.

But which of them fits Christmas the best to you? Vote for your favourites in our poll. You can vote for as many songs as you wish, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to each entry you want to support before pressing the vote button.

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Netherlands 1974: Mouth & MacNeal with “I See a Star”

Germany 1982: Nicole with “Ein bißchen Frieden”

Sweden 1988: Tommy Körberg with “Stad i ljus”

Israel 1995: Liora with “Amen”

Sweden 1996: One More Time with “Den vilda”

Norway 1996: Elisabeth Andreassen with “I Evighet”

United Kingdom 1997: Katrina and the Waves with “Love Shine A Light”

Israel 2002: Sarit Hadad with “Light a Candle”

Malta 2005: Chiara with “Angel”

Hungary 2008: Csézy with “Candlelight”

Israel 2011: Dana International with “Ding Dong”

Romania 2014: Paula Seling & Ovi with “Miracle”

Russia 2015: Polina Gagarina with “A Million Voices”