Christmas has come and gone, and so has our Eurovision advent calendar. But January doesn’t have to be a downer. In fact, it’s going to be a party as we celebrate the new year — and the 24 winners of our various Eurovision polls from December.

Eurovision 2015: Best Follow-Up Single

Since Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, your favourite Eurostars have been releasing follow-up singles thick and fast. By the time we published our poll on December 2, a total of 23 ESC artists had released new tunes. We asked you guys to have a listen and cast a few votes for your favourites. After counting 2,120 votes, we can now reveal that Italy’s Il Volo have come out on top with “L’amore si muove”.

As we wrote back in August, “L’amore si muove” follows the tried-and-true formula of classical voices with modern arrangements, but it’s by no means a copy of their Eurovision song “Grande Amore”. It has a different energy, a different sound (more Iganzio), and is a real ear-gasm. The video is sweet too.

Eurovision 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw came second with “Should’ve Gone Home”.

Do you agree with the results below? Who would you have put on top?

Which Eurovision 2015 artist had the best follow-up single?

  1. Il Volo – L’amore si muove 21.75% (461 votes)
  2. Måns Zelmerlöw – Should’ve Gone Home 10.8% (229 votes)
  3. Elina Born – Kilimanjaro 6.42% (136 votes)
  4. Tamar Kaprelian – The Otherside featuring Stephanie Topalian, Elina Born, Elhaida Dani and
  5. Maria Elena Kyriakou 6.37% (135 votes)
  6. Polina Gagarina – I Will Not 5.66% (120 votes)
  7. Nina Sublatti – Locked Box 5.52% (117 votes)
  8. Maraaya – Living Again 5.33% (113 votes)
  9. Edurne – Basta 4.91% (104 votes)
  10. Monika Linkyte – Po Dangum 4.81% (102 votes)
  11. Guy Sebastian – Black & Blue 4.25% (90 votes)
  12. Leonor Andrade – Já conheci 3.92% (83 votes)
  13. Mørland – No Firewall 3.82% (81 votes)
  14. Nadav Guedj – Good Vibes 2.92% (62 votes)
  15. Daniel Kajmakoski – 10 Leta 2.22% (47 votes)
  16. Maria Elena Kyriakou – Horis Esena 1.93% (41 votes)
  17. Boggie – Camouflage 1.89% (40 votes)
  18. Molly Sterling – Fake The Cost 1.84% (39 votes)
  19. Vaidas Baumila – Nauja diena 1.51% (32 votes)
  20. Voltaj – Din toata inima 1.23% (26 votes)
  21. Maria Olafs – Someday 1.23% (26 votes)
  22. The Makemakes – You Are Not Alone 0.9% (19 votes)
  23. Anti Social Media – More Than a Friend 0.77% (17 votes)

Total Votes: 2,120


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I just listened to their follow up single. I don’t think there is anything operatic about it.


Some people think Il Volo & Il Divo are similar. OK. It has been posted a zillion times. Can we move on? There is nothing to be gained by repeating this over & over.
None of the songs I’ve heard Il Divo perform are opera. What arias have they recorded? If none, then Mozart & Callas should be resting peacefully. Il Divo can hang on to notes longer than most. Good for them. I enjoy a strong voice.

@Caroline: My dear Caroline! I also know these 3 kids since they won the Italian competition when they were younger and since they broke through in the US with their debut album … and based on that I am so sorry to say that regardless of how much you love them, their style and singing approach besides the repertoire either original or cover is in the same line as Il Divo … the Il Divo formula commercially has worked … therefore Il Volo and The Canadian Tenors among others have a lot to be thankful for as far as their… Read more »
Most of you think all il volo’s songs sound the same…ok, but how many of them have you heard? Only Grande Amore and L’amore si muove? You need to know that they have much more songs – covers and their own songs. Listen to at least 15 of them and then we talk. That was the first thing, The second – they are not singing opera!!! It’s a pop – opera or pop lirico. Something diffrent than classical opera. They sing pop songs more classic and the classic songs more modern and fresh. They record covers of Aerosmith and U2,… Read more »

@En: I’ll give time to understand the meaning of “selling your soul to the devil” … maybe then we will able to judge these kids musicallywise in a way that involves our brains and objectivity and not our wounded hearts still aching for the 3rd place at Eurovision, pun intended 🙂


Oh gosh, their fanbase is too big. The follow up is practically the same as Grande Crapore.


These guys sing pop songs with classical voices and in their records you can listen also classic songs with modern arrangements. Volare, Caruso, Delilah, L’immensità are not pieces of Mozart or Verdi (then, at 20 years old no one could have the maturity to sing opera). Opera is another thing. Consequently, I think Mozart is resting quietly in his grave. Who is shocked, perhaps, does not understand enough of Opera and does not see the difference or has a close-minded that doesn’t to accept this kind of music. The guys are not committing any sacrilege.


My favourites were:

Guy Sebastian – Black & Blue: Amazing dance song, which could chart in a ny country in the whole world, with fantastic singer.

Måns Zelmerlöw – Should’ve Gone Home. Good, personal story. Catchy song.

Maraaya – Living Again – Personal style, catchy song, better than Here For You.

Il Volo’s songs sound all the same, they are just cheap Il Divo copies…

@Österrike: They could even be Japanese or from Alaska … both “Ils” share the same crappy musical style which is a “selling the soul to the devil” type of music that shames true operatic singing and the remarkable heritage of opera and classic music of our very old Europe .. which must be make both Mozart and Maria Callas roll under the earth with stomachaches … and that is truly bleak … … besides all the bleakness of almost all the Eurovision entries that had the nerve to win Eurovision or even be top 5 during the torturing and embarrassing… Read more »

I love Il Volo, but my favourite music by them is their less recent one. Más Que Amor shall be played at my wedding and Hasta Mi Final at my funeral.

Whoever feels sickened, because they seem to be a blueprint of Il Divo, shall do some research to find out that Il Divo is not even Spanish nor Italian, only acting as if. Il Volo is not only a generation younger, thus more vibrant and captivating but also much more authentic and true.

The bleakness of “Heroes” makes me feel sicker.


No thanks.


@Roger: And people still wonder why I think they are just another example of the Il-Divo-pop-operatic-money-making-machine. It seems though far more acceptable to bash Sweden with their David-Guetta-stolen-folk-verses as they did not win the televote. Ahh that televote syndrome which will enternaly remain uncurable. Il Volo ,… the nerdy, the former fatty who thinks he is funny … and the already traditional arrogant one who stares at you with that look that says “you know i am hot and you won’t resist me” … so humble.


This is just funny. Who really had the best second single is easy to see at Spotify.


The three Musketeers – united they stand, divided they fail. Legends in their own lifetime…

Robyn Gallagher

Roger: Nicely spotted! I’ve put the right link in there 🙂


I think it is a problem that Il Volos song all sound the same, or do you have another explanation to why you linked their cover of Volare? 🙂