Poll results: The UK’s Josh Dubovie ranks last among last-place Eurovision finishers

Christmas has come and gone and so has our Eurovision advent calendar. But January doesn’t have to be a downer just because Santa Claus has gone back into hibernation. In fact, it’s going to be a party as we celebrate the new year — and the 24 winners of our various Eurovision polls from December.

Eurovision: The Ultimate Last Place

Loreen, Conchita, Måns — we spend a lot of time fêting the winners of Eurovision. But most contestants don’t walk away with the microphone-shaped Eurovision winner’s trophy. Inevitably someone has to finish last. And some finish last with zero points. But we wanted to know: who deserves that dubious distinction most? Between 2008 and 2015, which last-place finisher was truly the worst?

After counting a total of 2,297 votes, we can now reveal that the UK’s Josh Dubovie is your pick for the ultimate last place.

Josh Dubovie Eurovision 2010 Big Five

When Josh won the UK’s national selection “Your Country Needs You” back in 2010 he earned the right to sing at Eurovision in Oslo. The BBC gave him a plane ticket — and an appalling song by Pete Waterman, who reached the peak of his songwriting prowess in the early 1980s.

Entitled “That Sounds Good to Me”, the entry sounded good to pretty much no one else. The U.K. only received points from four countries — Ireland, Albania, Azerbaijan and Georgia — and just 10 points in total. And to think: The BBC spent all that money on light boxes and white bed sheets.

That really stung. Poor Josh — a good singer forced to perform a dire entry — went into hiding before re-emerging in 2013 with a toned body and the new name Josh James. Instead of a faux 80s mash-up of Rick Astley and Jason Donovan, he was serving something a lot more modern and edgy. We caught up with Josh following his rebrand to learn more.

What do you make of the results below? Who among these last place finishers is your favourite? Who was most wronged at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments box below!

Who deserves the ultimate last place? (Poll Closed)

  1. Josh Dubovie with “That Sounds Good To Me” 30.91% (710 votes)
  2. Andy Abraham with “Even If” 16.46% (378 votes)
  3. TWIN TWIN with “Moustache” 13.8% (317 votes)
  4. The Makemakes with “I Am Yours” 9.49% (218 votes)
  5. Tooji with “Stay” 7.44% (171 votes)
  6. Waldo’s People with “Lose Control” 7.4% (170 votes)
  7. Ryan Dolan with “Only Love Survives” 5.66% (130 votes)
  8. Anna Rossinelli with “In Love For A While” 5.05% (116 votes)
  9. Ann Sophie with “Black Smoke” 3.79% (87 votes)

Total Votes: 2,297