Austria: AzRaH wins wildcard vote with “The One”

The 24-hour voting period for the Austrian wildcard vote is over, with AzRaH and her song “The One” eventually being declared the  winner. She’ll now take the the tenth spot in the Austrian national final Wer singt für Österreich? on 12 February. But there was a scandal with the voting.

At the time the Facebook voting period closed, AzRaH was in second place. Topping the poll was Sara Koell and her song “Closer to the Sun”.

  1. Sara Koell – “Closer to the Sun” 8076
  2. AzRaH –  “The One” 7250
  3. Laura Kamhuber – “Stay Tonight” 7725
  4. David Siedl feat. Madelene & MC Vio – “Wah Wah Whine” 1926
  5. Ola Egbowon – “Addicted” 1195

But something wasn’t quite right. Fans noticed that “Closer to the Sun” had suddenly gained around 2000 votes in the last couple of hours, which suggested they were from fake accounts attempting to boost the vote. It’s not known where these suspicious votes came from, but there’s no suggestion they were organised by Sara herself.

Sara made a statement on her Facebook page, saying that ORF should only count votes from Austria and that she was prepared to withdraw from the wildcard competition to preserve her reputation as a musician.

ORF investigated, got some professional analysis and excluded “obviously rigged” votes from the tally. The new result put AzRaH in the lead with 7168 likes.

AzRaH was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and moved to Austria with her family at the age of nine. She says that she is inspired by pop/rock music from the Balkans as well as music from Europe and America.

Wiwi Poll results

We asked you who you thought should win the Austrian wildcard vote. Your favourite was the unlucky Sara Koell, with 44.79% of the vote. Eventual winner AzRaH was unpopular with Wiwi readers, coming last with only 9.9% of the vote.

  1. Sara Koell – “Closer To The Sun” 44.79% (86 votes)
  2. Laura Kamhuber – “Stay Tonight” 19.79% (38 votes)
  3. Ola Egbowon – “Addicted” 13.02% (25 votes)
  4. David Siedl feat. Madelene & MC Vio – “Wah Wah Whine” 12.5% (24 votes)
  5. AzRaH – “The One” 9.9% (19 votes)