Poll results: Freddie is your favourite to qualify from the first heat of A Dal 2016

A Dal 2016 — Hungary’s selection for Eurovision — kicks off this evening. Ten acts will compete in the first heat, but only six can make it to the semifinal. Who deserves to qualify? We asked y’all earlier in the week, and the results are in.

After counting a total of 676 votes, we can confirm that Freddie with “Pioneer” is your runaway favourite. He received 182 votes or 26.92% of all votes cast. It’s not surprising. The Rising Star 2015 finalist has long been a favourite of ours, popping up in both wiwivision and our Wednesday Wishlist. He has it all — the voice, the song, and the attitude. It’ll be a major shock if he fails to get through!

Freddie “Pioneer”

Odett arrives a distant second with “Stardust”. She earned 94 votes or 13.91% of all votes cast.

Odett “Stardust”

Megasztár 2010 winner and girlfriend of fellow A Dal contestant Kállay-Saunders, Tolvai Reni finished third with 87 votes. Mushu nabbed fourth place and 68 votes with “Uncle Tom”. The last two qualification spots go to Petra Veres-Kovács and ByTheWay, who earned 51 and 50 votes respectively. Based on the poll, Benji, Jázmin Török, Fatima Mohamed and Egy Másik Zenekar should not qualify.

We’ll find out just how accurate your predictions are later tonight. An initial round of voting will see five qualifiers progress, as determined by a mixture of jury and viewer scores. The sixth semifinalist will be chosen during a second round of 100% public voting. Viewers at home will be able to vote by SMS, via the app or online. In fact, those of you outside Hungary will also be able to vote on the official A Dal website.

The first heat is scheduled to start at 19.40 CET. You can visit the official A Dal website for more details.  

Who should qualify from Heat 1 of Hungary’s A Dal 2016? Poll Results.

  1. Freddie (Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd) “Pioneer” 26.92% (182 votes)
  2. Odett “Stardust” 13.91% (94 votes)
  3. Reni Tolvai “Fire” 12.87% (87 votes)
  4. Mushu “Uncle Tom” 10.06% (68 votes)
  5. Petra Veres-Kovács “Singing Peace” 7.54% (51 votes)
  6. ByTheWay “Free To Fly” 7.4% (50 votes)
  7. Benji “Koteltanc” 6.8% (46 votes)
  8. Jázmin Török “Power Of Love” 6.07% (41 votes)
  9. Fatima Mohamed “Ott Leszek” 5.18% (35 votes)
  10. Egy Másik Zenekar “Kéne Kozos Kép” 3.25% (22 votes)

Total Votes: 676

Do you agree with the poll results? Are your favourites in the mix? Let us know below.