A few days ago we asked you which Sanremo 2016 semi-final one act you are most excited about, based on the artists’ previous careers. Before tonight’s performances of the first ten competing acts, it’s time to reveal the results.

You guys share our same opinion! When we filmed the Wiwi video reaction to the 20 competing acts, we mentioned Annalisa, Arisa and Noemi among our favourite acts and… guess what? The three Italian ladies are on the podium of our poll as well!

Sanremo 2016: Our favourites

Annalisa has NO rivals! The red-haired beauty came out on top by a landslide. She achieved over 32% of all votes. We will hear her competing song, “Il diluvio universale”, tomorrow evening, during the second show of the Italian festival.

In second place is Arisa (“Guardando il cielo”), another Sanremo returnee. She finished second with over 10% of the votes. Noemi (“La borsa di una donna”) comes third, basically tied with Francesca Michielin (“Nessun grado di separazione”) with only one vote’s difference.

Yesterday in the first press conference of Sanremo, we discovered which acts will sing in which live show.

Tonight we’ll listen to Arisa, Dear Jack, Stadio, Bluvertigo, Deborah Iurato e Giovanni Caccamo, Noemi, Rocco Hunt, Irene Fornaciari, Lorenzo Fragola and Enrico Ruggeri.

Tomorrow is the night of Annalisa, Zero Assoluto, Elio e le Storie Tese, Francesca Michielin, Neffa, Dolcenera, Patty Pravo, Clementino, Valerio Scanu and Alessio Bernabei.

Read more about all 20 artists and their songs here.


  1. Annalisa 32,87% (282 votes)
  2. Arisa 10,61% (91 votes)
  3. Noemi 9,44% (81 votes)
  4. Francesca Michielin 9,32% (80 votes)
  5. Dolcenera 6,06% (52 votes)
  6. Deborah Iurato e Giovanni Caccamo 5,94% (51 votes)
  7. Lorenzo Fragola 5,48% (47 votes)
  8. Dear Jack 3,03% (26 votes)
  9. Patty Pravo 2,91% (25 votes)
  10. Valerio Scanu 2,33% (20 votes)
  11. Zero Assoluto 2,21% (19 votes)
  12. Alessio Bernabei 1,63% (14 votes)
  13. Enrico Ruggeri 1,63% (14 votes)
  14. Elio e le Storie Tese 1,52% (13 votes)
  15. Rocco Hunt 1,28% (11 votes)
  16. Irene Fornaciari 1,17% (10 votes)
  17. Bluvertigo 0,93% (8 votes)
  18. Clementino 0,58% (5 votes)
  19. Neffa 0,58% (5 votes)
  20. Stadio 0,47% (4 votes)

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And the last placed did win


i have no idea who all these italian artists are and i’m too lazy to check out their music. but i look forward to the performances! 🙂


Dolcenera, Annalissa or Arisa.


Clementino FTW! 🙂


Is it strange that I want Clementino to win?.. D


Il volo is better k bye


No, it isn’t our favourite. Or the italian fan favourite. It’s just the Annalisa-fan spammer favourite.

Probably the winner this year will be Lorenzo Fragola or Elio & Le Storie Tese or Noemi, the second ones are the most liked by “professional” and demoscopic jury.
My favourite singer of them are Arisa, Noemi, Dolcenera and Francesca Michielin, which has a very international sound (really different from our static neomelodic standard sound).

I don’t see a clear favourite like Il Volo in 2015 was.

I’m from Italy


Annalisa is awesome.