Earlier tonight Semi-Final 2 of Melodifestivalen 2016 exploded with lasers, fire, spotlights and one amazing LED light projection. Amid all that fabulous seven acts performed, but only David Lindgren and Wiktoria have won and advanced direkt till final. Pre-semi favourite Isa and Molly Pettersson Hammer may join them in the final: They have both qualified for Andra Chansen, where they’ll have a final shot at redemption and a spot in Friends Arena.

Melodifestivalen 2016: Deltävling 2 Malmö


David Lindgren with “We Are Your Tomorrow”

David won the audience poll following the dress rehearsal on February 12 — and tonight he reminded everyone why. His charisma, boyish good looks, choreography and futuristic staging elevated a so-so song, turning it into three minutes of sleek Swedish seduction! He started the show standing on an elevated box with a series of green lasers around him. They weren’t just for colour. When he tilted his head they moved, and at times he shoved them to the side with his fierce . Later they go all Matrix on us and exploded in all directions. Feel good, inspirational and made-for-TV — a spectacle worthy of continuing.

Read the full “We Are Your Tomorrow” lyrics

Wiktoria with “Save Me”

The LED projection dress is so 2012. So Sweden’s Wiktoria upped the game and dropped an LED body suit. She stood alone on stage — the visuals and her amazing voice were more than enough to fill the screen and the space. The act opened with a spotlight opening on her oversized belt, which has a W for Wiktoria (not wiwibloggs). LED water exploded on her bosom before enveloping her whole body in ripples — it was like Danny Saucedo’s “Amazing” jump suit but so much better. At times the ever-changing lights made it seem like she was wearing a gown, a pantsuit and even the universe. The LED backdrop was equally bright and dizzying. The camera panned around her and at times she looked bionic, the star of Artificial Intelligence, a Robot Top Model. The LED showed exploding stars and swirling lights. At the end the projection set her on fire but by then her voice already had her smokin’. When the camera zoomed in on her head she looked like some other-worldly angel. God, I love her curls.

Read the full “Save Me” lyrics


Molly Pettersson Hammar with “Hunger”

Molly basically sang her song from Melodifestivalen 2015, but with a bit more modern production. She wore a white dress to connote purity, and stood on a platform surrounded by fire to show her inner heat and flame. Girl has a “Hunger”, after all. She worked her hand choreography — twist of the wrist, snap of the fingers — and gave us real sex and sass. Whenever she sings I swear I hear the chorus of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta! The plunging neckline on her dress — and her spilling cleavage — were a welcome bonus.

Read the full “Hunger” lyrics

Isa with “I Will Wait”

Hype is building around young Isa — she recently surpassed Ace Wilder as a favourite to win (though she only finished third in the audience fan poll on Friday evening). Tonight she kept the hype up with a stirring performance that used shadows and curtains to great effect. At the start of the number Isa stood solo on stage with a bright spotlight helping to project her shadow on large grey curtains. Those curtains surrounded the stage on three sides, creating a black-box effect that was stark and intimate. At times the curtain billowed outward like a beating heart. The electronic backing and deep beats sounded very Sanna Nielsen “Undo”, but it worked. This was simple and powerful and showcased an emotional, soaring Isa. Bonus: After struggling all week, she and her dancer managed to make their shadows hold hands at the end!

Read the full “I Will Wait” lyrics



Krista Siegfrids with “Faller”

Krista Siegfrids was absolutely ravishing in red during her first rehearsal. She wore spray-on silky pants and a red sequined jumper. She started off solo in the dark before two blonde dancers in body-con catsuits joined her. The screens went black and white, creating a very “RuPaul’s Drag Race” start-your-engines moment. Later two male dancers in matching race suits came out — later unfurling full-on drag race flags! Schlager can sometimes feel repetitive, but the simple and effective staging helped give the song real dynamism. A highlight was the LED floor which created the illusion of Krista standing on a tower before stepping off Top Model style. Her vocals really slayed — a great Melfest debut for this Finnish pop starlet.

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Victor och Natten with “100%”

It was pretty obvious that SVT didn’t put as much money behind this one. Victor rocked an urban look replete with yellow sneakers and a fierce leather jacket, which included a painting of his father on this back. Five Swedish cheerleaders looked super sexy in black-and-white outfits with knee-high stockings. It was high-energy, joyous and delightful. Victor is a great performer, but this didn’t seem to fill the arena as much as the other acts did.

Read the full “100%” lyrics


Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson with “Håll mitt hjärta hårt”

They had the most understated song in the heat — and they also have the three-longest careers among the contestants! Their staging was pure and simple, using only golden spotlights and a bit of confetti. Tommy started the act standing on a platform in the audience and singing solo, while Patrik stood at the top of a staircase on the far left of the stage and Uno walked in from the right. They only stood close to one another at the very end, saying “I will do anything for you and I will stand by you…hold my heart hard.” It’s touching and sweet — and we’re still curious who among them holds it the hardest…

Read the full “Håll mit hjärta hårt” lyrics

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Sorry I’m late with this one, but I was dead tired after a late-night workout. So, having once again sequestered myself from any results in New York City, I watched Round 2. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’ll say that I have not watched a single second of the rehearsals before watching the competition. This was my first time hearing the songs. Here is how I saw it, once again using 8 criteria: 9.513 Isa (Andra Chansen?!) How they failed to push her and this performance Direkt till Final, is a mystery and a travesty to me! Neither Måns… Read more »

I wonder what the demographic of David Lindgren’s voters is? I can’t believe people vote for his bland, boring songs every year. They all sound the same and his voice just falls flat. We used his second performance as a pee break, lol. ;P

I was hoping for Wiktoria and Isa for the final with Molly and Krista going to AC. I was pretty sure it was going to be a ladies night.


I was able to watch it online last night and while I’m disappointed that Krista finished 5th instead of going to AC, I’m not entirely surprised.

David only made it through based on his previous two attempts. No it’s not like “Shout It Out” or “Skyline”, but he does have his fans. Too bad I couldn’t switch him with Isa. That’s the one I’ve been listening to and watching over again.

Just No

I love how some people here think singing a ballad = having more class than ‘trashy’ tunes like Wiktoria or David. Even though Krista’s was schalger at least she WROTE part of it. Can’t say the same about Isa and her ‘masterpiece’.

Seems like a generic, bland, love ballad to me, but obviously I’m not intelligent enough to get it (insert eyeroll here). #peopleandtheirdelusions


Oh and I forgot to mention:
DAVID DIRECTLY TO FINAL? U KIDDING? O_O it was like the worst song of the night.


I’m so disappointed with results 🙁
Both Isa and Molly were my favs, and I was SOOO hoping to see them directly in final. Also, I didn’t think Wiktoria was THAT good, her song is just average. I wanted her and Krista at AC.


Don’t you think Isa should appeal to small kids as well? She’s basically a small kid herself…


No real surprises here! Both were expected to qualify and they did. Good songs. Just don’t expect them to go anywhere near top 5 in the final..
It was much weaker than last week, any of the songs could have passed I felt. Isa was really good but her song is a typical ESC-ballad. We’re really not to keen about those here in Sweden. And Molly was much better last year when she didn’t qualify then with this song which wasn’t bad but wasn’t that good either.
Same with Krista. Good solid song and performance but forgetful in the long end!


Ah look at all the hate and shade being thrown. What would Melfest be without its excess share of BS results?? Still love the whole shebang!
However, so far the results as to who’s direkt and andra chansen are kinda good. Granted, I wanted Isa to go direkt but at least she wasn’t eliminated. That would have been completely BS. And good for MPH. At least she’s already done better than last year. Love her personality. Great song too.


The fact that people here voted David Lindgren to the final and not Isa is a huge joke.
The app is destroying melfest. Small kids has the most power so they all send trashy wannabe EDM songs to the final… (Ace, Robin, David and Wiktoria)

If ISA doesn’t make it to the final via Andra Chansen I will loose all hope for this competition and hope we come dead last in ESC…


Isa’s performance left the biggest impression, in terms of buzz on social media and Youtube views, so I don’t know if this was just outside Sweden or that people didn’t bother to vote because they thought she’d make it anyway.


And why isn’t there an interview with the Tommy Nilsson (who won this in 1989) and the other 2? Too pre-Dana International to even care or bother?


With such an average set of songs … all those visual tricks on the outfits, LEDs, lightening, lasers and whatever waste of impressive high tech to just keeping your eyes distracted to avoid reasoning that as far as listening was concerned … none of the songs was worth anybody’s time. I didn’t even feel any excitement from the crowd about anybody in particular (unlike in semi 1) which clearly tells me … they weren’t rooting for no one in particular in a massive way .. whoever goes through til finalen … we just want o eat popcorn with Charlotte Perelli.


I think Isa got unlucky with her draw (going between two other female solo acts might not have helped), but she should be a no-brainer to advance through Andra Chansen. Wow.

Just No

David’s was a lot of fun and Wiktoria was the most current. Would’ve liked Krista to get to Andra, but overrated Isa took her spot. ‘I will wait’ for her to finish in the bottom half if it somehow manages to get through to the final.


William, great article as ever – but when you said “It was pretty obvious that SVT didn’t put as much money behind this one”, you are wrong. To my understanding, SVT allocate the same budget to each song – it’s the record companies who then decide to add extra value to the staging, if they wish. So some songs do get more, but it’s not any indication of what SVT think!


Wow! The faves continue dissapointing, first Ace and now Isa… Let’s see what Molly can do. This seems to be the weakest Melodi in years.

Bruno B @ Geeky Explorer

How come Isa didn’t go to the final is beyond me. That is clear winning material there and even for a top 3 in Eurovision.

While I don’t mind Wiktoria, David Lindgren is totally overrated. I’d prefer to see Molly in the final!


I was surprised with the results yet it is very deserving. I am happy for Molly having to reach even at Andra Chansen.

Surprising results from Melodifestivalen again, Swedes never fail to make a surprise. I was totally blown away when David made the final, I thought we would’ve made AC at the best. After the performances Wiktoria was a definite final-qualifier, perfect performance. I was also sure that ISA would’ve made the final, but she will totally get there; She’ll do even better than David I believe. Glad that Molly made the AC at least, she totally deserved it. I also really thought the three guys will make the AC or at least 5th; they gave a stellar performance. Krista was good… Read more »
Denmark chose Lighthouse X but Sweden still managed to make an even worse choice tonight. I am SO disappointed. My ranking after the performances looked like this: 1 ISA, 2 Krista, 3 Molly, 4 Wiktoria, 5 David – 6/7 not really worth mentioning. Most shocking to me is David’s direct qualification. The song is cheap, a rip-off and so is the performance (Mans vibes at the beginning). Wiktoria’s song is just boring and the staging didn’t impress me at all – it seemed random to me. I already expected a lot from ISA after the snippet but she completely blew… Read more »
Olly the Swede
I’m very surprised, but also happy at the results for this semi-final. David’s song was my least favourite out of the four that qualified to the Final or AC, sounded at times like “Sun is Shining” and the same routine as his other entries. He convinced me with his performance though, should have gone to AC though instead of DtF. I didn’t think Wiktoria’s song was great a tall in the snippet, but MY GOD! I’m so happy she went straight to the final, good song and staging is amazing, could easily do well along with Molly Sanden and Robin… Read more »
Very shocked/disappointed at the results. David’s song wasn’t good at all and I have no idea how he qualified directly to the final… and Wiktoria’s song was very boring/forgettable as well and definitely only did good because of the staging. Isa’s performance was FLAWLESS and she deserved to go directly to the final, but at least I’ll get another chance to hear it live again! MPH has a good song but her vocals kind of let me down tonight, but she deserved Andra Chansen! And Krista should’ve at least made Andra Chansen as well. Her song was fun and excellently… Read more »

whut? I was expecting isa and molly to the final and the other 2 to AC


Awful choices.
As a non-Swede, I want MPH at Eurovision! Please!


I would’ve changed the DtF acts with the andra chansen acts.
But still then i would prefer that krista went through to andra and David out.


Isa has to win it all, how the heck could she not directly qualify to the final? And also sad that Faller is out. David Lindgren is very undeserved, no originality at all. I don’t really have a problem with Wiktoria, but I would have loved to see Krista also.


ACE and ROBIN still have the best songs!
ok, ISA’s staging was really good and together with Wiktoria she should’ve been in the final. BUT, her song is not a winner one.
let’s see what we have in this upcoming weeks.

Love this show no matter what =D


I was trying hard to don’t like Isa because I never understood the hype about her last year, and her song is honestly nothing special… but THAT staging! It gave me chills! At the end I was rooting for her to go direkt til final but… why Sweden? Why David? I’m judging you now.

Anyway, so glad Molly made AC at least! And sorry for Krista, not surprised though, but I would’ve prefered her to make it to AC instead of David qualifying to the final.


I did not watch it; I was watching 3 finals at the same time!!

Well I got the right 4!! Will have to catch up, but David won?????? Well the standard of songs was very poor, that sort of proves it!! You have to laugh, has Bjorkman lost his touch?

The marathon in Italy is still going on!!


not surprised really sweden juat like there boy Denmark isa killed it today but they vote generic pop rubbish


The sun is shining and so is David Lindgren


The only song that I would like to hear once again is Save Me. For the rest of the songs once is enough, sorry! 😉 But the show was great!


Wiktoria’s song is just about the staging, the song is boring and repetitive. The other winning song was nothing special either, not impressed tonight. 🙁


My top 7.
1. Krista Siegfrieds
2. Wiktoria
3. Tommy, Patrik och Uno
4. David Lindgren
5. Isa
6. Molly PH
7. Victor och Natten
Sad that Krista and the older ones didn’t went through. They must return next year!!!!


Molly is at least in Andra Chansen bless bless bless


Anja Nissen was more brave today than Simone and she is clear winner in this situation in Denmark.


Last time Kygo and Parson James wanted their ideas back, and now it’s Axwell and Ingrosso… 😛


Why did my country vote for David??? ISA should have gone to the final instead of him! I can understand why people fell for Wiktorias charm. But that LED-suit still feels a bit out of place. “Save me” is good song. A grower. But ISA.. Save me!!


@Jacques – I agree, the camera shot of Molly doing a… well, a shot, was just priceless. Somebody needs to make a gif outta this

Shijie Yu

How about change the name to LED design contest. It was all about the staging.
Krista’s vocal was clearly the best.

jr esc nl

Sweden has an awful music taste! David?! Really, did they like the message that much or something?
Further i’m very happy for wyktoria and can really see her competing for the win at melodifestivalen! 🙂


David Lindgren in final is illogical decision.


David doesn’t deserve to be in Andra Chansen let alone the Final. Wiktoria is just in my opinion overhyped and not that good – the stage show didn’t even fit the song and it was just so whiny. I’m not surprised at where Molly got, but Isa I was.

But Krista. Krista deserved so much more, with at least Andra Chansen. She was the only fun song of the night really (apart from Hunger) and goddamit Sweden why! Why!


David… why. He sings the same song every single year and STILL people vote for him. Isa should have gone to the final instead of him. Wiktoria was amazing! Her voice sounds a lot like Jessie J!


OMG!!! How can ISA not go Direkt till final??? Are you outta your mind Sweden?


David Lindgren’s song was bland IMO


Putting ISA and Molly PH in AC is a crime. Lindgren in the Final, seriously? And I honestly don’t get the hype behind Wiktoria. The song is unbearable to me, but, well, maybe I don’t see something.


Poor Krista her song deserved to qualify. I found David and Wiktoria kind of bad. ISA SLAYYED THO and Molly was really good too!!


First: David Lindgren? Wtf?


I am glad that Isa and Molly are going to andra chansen, as we will be free to listen their amazing songs over and over again.

That SF was so good. But the resultat weren’t so.