Melodifestivalen 2016: David Lindgren and Wiktoria win Semi-Final 2

Earlier tonight Semi-Final 2 of Melodifestivalen 2016 exploded with lasers, fire, spotlights and one amazing LED light projection. Amid all that fabulous seven acts performed, but only David Lindgren and Wiktoria have won and advanced direkt till final. Pre-semi favourite Isa and Molly Pettersson Hammer may join them in the final: They have both qualified for Andra Chansen, where they’ll have a final shot at redemption and a spot in Friends Arena.

Melodifestivalen 2016: Deltävling 2 Malmö


David Lindgren with “We Are Your Tomorrow”

David won the audience poll following the dress rehearsal on February 12 — and tonight he reminded everyone why. His charisma, boyish good looks, choreography and futuristic staging elevated a so-so song, turning it into three minutes of sleek Swedish seduction! He started the show standing on an elevated box with a series of green lasers around him. They weren’t just for colour. When he tilted his head they moved, and at times he shoved them to the side with his fierce . Later they go all Matrix on us and exploded in all directions. Feel good, inspirational and made-for-TV — a spectacle worthy of continuing.

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Wiktoria with “Save Me”

The LED projection dress is so 2012. So Sweden’s Wiktoria upped the game and dropped an LED body suit. She stood alone on stage — the visuals and her amazing voice were more than enough to fill the screen and the space. The act opened with a spotlight opening on her oversized belt, which has a W for Wiktoria (not wiwibloggs). LED water exploded on her bosom before enveloping her whole body in ripples — it was like Danny Saucedo’s “Amazing” jump suit but so much better. At times the ever-changing lights made it seem like she was wearing a gown, a pantsuit and even the universe. The LED backdrop was equally bright and dizzying. The camera panned around her and at times she looked bionic, the star of Artificial Intelligence, a Robot Top Model. The LED showed exploding stars and swirling lights. At the end the projection set her on fire but by then her voice already had her smokin’. When the camera zoomed in on her head she looked like some other-worldly angel. God, I love her curls.

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Molly Pettersson Hammar with “Hunger”

Molly basically sang her song from Melodifestivalen 2015, but with a bit more modern production. She wore a white dress to connote purity, and stood on a platform surrounded by fire to show her inner heat and flame. Girl has a “Hunger”, after all. She worked her hand choreography — twist of the wrist, snap of the fingers — and gave us real sex and sass. Whenever she sings I swear I hear the chorus of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta! The plunging neckline on her dress — and her spilling cleavage — were a welcome bonus.

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Isa with “I Will Wait”

Hype is building around young Isa — she recently surpassed Ace Wilder as a favourite to win (though she only finished third in the audience fan poll on Friday evening). Tonight she kept the hype up with a stirring performance that used shadows and curtains to great effect. At the start of the number Isa stood solo on stage with a bright spotlight helping to project her shadow on large grey curtains. Those curtains surrounded the stage on three sides, creating a black-box effect that was stark and intimate. At times the curtain billowed outward like a beating heart. The electronic backing and deep beats sounded very Sanna Nielsen “Undo”, but it worked. This was simple and powerful and showcased an emotional, soaring Isa. Bonus: After struggling all week, she and her dancer managed to make their shadows hold hands at the end!

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Krista Siegfrids with “Faller”

Krista Siegfrids was absolutely ravishing in red during her first rehearsal. She wore spray-on silky pants and a red sequined jumper. She started off solo in the dark before two blonde dancers in body-con catsuits joined her. The screens went black and white, creating a very “RuPaul’s Drag Race” start-your-engines moment. Later two male dancers in matching race suits came out — later unfurling full-on drag race flags! Schlager can sometimes feel repetitive, but the simple and effective staging helped give the song real dynamism. A highlight was the LED floor which created the illusion of Krista standing on a tower before stepping off Top Model style. Her vocals really slayed — a great Melfest debut for this Finnish pop starlet.

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Victor och Natten with “100%”

It was pretty obvious that SVT didn’t put as much money behind this one. Victor rocked an urban look replete with yellow sneakers and a fierce leather jacket, which included a painting of his father on this back. Five Swedish cheerleaders looked super sexy in black-and-white outfits with knee-high stockings. It was high-energy, joyous and delightful. Victor is a great performer, but this didn’t seem to fill the arena as much as the other acts did.

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Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson with “Håll mitt hjärta hårt”

They had the most understated song in the heat — and they also have the three-longest careers among the contestants! Their staging was pure and simple, using only golden spotlights and a bit of confetti. Tommy started the act standing on a platform in the audience and singing solo, while Patrik stood at the top of a staircase on the far left of the stage and Uno walked in from the right. They only stood close to one another at the very end, saying “I will do anything for you and I will stand by you…hold my heart hard.” It’s touching and sweet — and we’re still curious who among them holds it the hardest…

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