Poland: Edyta Górniak debuts “Grateful” at live concert

Ever since Edyta Górniak confirmed that she will compete in this year’s Eurovision selection for Poland, her fans have been gagging to hear her song “Grateful”. Well, the wait is over, as she unveiled it at her Valentine’s Day concert in Krakow. Thankfully for us, the whole thing was recorded and you can watch it below!

Watch: Live recording of Edyta Górniak’s “Grateful”


Now, let’s be clear: Edyta did not perform the song live, but merely shared a recorded version of it with the audience at the venue. It’s a soaring ballad, with a piano-led introduction leading to a multi-instrumental piece. There’s certainly a much more modern feel to it than the other ballads we’ve heard thus far during national finals season and Edyta’s voice really packs a punch, particularly at the dramatic end to the song.

The lyrics see Edyta talking about how she is “so grateful for the beauty and joy” that has been given to her, and how she hopes that she has given it back too. Judging by the audience reaction, they were happy with what she gave them.

“Grateful” is hardly a step out of line for Edyta. And it sounds Eurovision-ready. The fact that the Eurovision logo appeared at the end of the performance might imply that they’re already looking ahead to Stockholm too.

What do you think of “Grateful”? Should Edyta represent Poland at Eurovision with the song? Or are you more of a Margaret fan? Let us know in the comments, or via our Twitter and Facebook.

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