Say bonjour to Louisy! Eurofans all across France (and Europe!) can’t take it any longer as the wait for our Eurovision 2016 reveal drags on and on. Yesterday, France 2, the French national broadcaster, announced that this year’s entry will be revealed on March 12th during the premiere of the DiCaire Show, a brand new variety show hosted by Canadian signer and imitator, Véronic DiCaire. Thank goodness — the uncertainty was killing us.

After Lisa Angell’s poor ranking in Vienna despite an outsanding performance, France 2 see things differently for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest — giving us hope they will go young, modern and fresh. Since early February, France 2 has been teasing us by publishing hints on its Eurovision-related social media. According to some fans, they all lead to one star: Louisy Joseph!

The last hint published this Friday gives several clues. First, we can read the message “At the beginning, there was a band” and a drawing that represents five balloons, including a heart-shaped one. The balloons all seem to fly in several directions. Louisy Joseph began her career in the girl band L5, which was very popular in the early 2000s.

Other clues include a photo of a huge make up palette and also a guitar. This means that we might have a female singer who plays the guitar in Stockholm and that singer could be Louisy Joseph.

Who are you, Louisy Joseph?

Born in 1974, Lydy Louisy-Joseph aka Louisy Joseph is famous for her participation in the girlsband L5. She began a solo career in 2008 with her first album La saison des amours including the hit single “Assis par terre”. She also took part in the fifth season of Danse avec les stars.

Do you think Louisy Joseph will be France representative for this year or are you wondering about someone else?

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…and what “outstanding performance” would that be from Lisa Angell? I must have missed that one.


it misses 30 followers on Edoardo Grassi twitter (french head delegation) to know something else about the French artist.


I am pretty sure it will be Damien Lauretta (previous band: 5 members, good at guitar and another clue which has now disappeared convinced us that the artist was a man) and i hope it won’t be Louisy Joseph because the latest song she released is really… Meh!


I hope It’s not her.I prefer Damien Lauretta.
with louisy Joseph is another bottom for France.


I hope it’s not her. She has talent but I don’t see her music style work well at the Eurovision and I’m afraid she would end up being an Amandine Bourgeois II… ie talented but not right for this competition. Plus, the French head of delegation promised “change” this year, and France has a long history of send ex-famous artists whose careers are on the decline.

My bet is still Damien Lauretta. The clues also work for him (Demain/Damien à l’Eurovision).


Send Jayn or Brigitte and the ESC planet will be amazed! I know it won’t happen, but I can’t help dreaming…


No more female singers! We don’t want them!


her name sounds like lousy


I would be so disappointed if my country send her…


I really like her, and she’s actually done one or two successful songs. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard about her for like 8 years. She’s talented, but it would be another has been for France, just like Amandine Bourgeois or Angunn (these girls have talent, no question about that, but I’m just saying no one hears about them in France anymore).