Poll: Which version of “Made of Stars” do you prefer?

Talk about doing a 180. In the moments after Israel selected Hovi Star and the song “Made of Stars” to sing at Eurovision 2016, a number of Eurofans were feeling meh. That included many of us on wiwibloggs. But thankfully the Israeli delegation, and composer Doron Medalie, keep their ears to the ground and decided to re-master their track. Judging from the comments on Twitter and on our YouTube channel, they made the right decision. Former haters are now saying yay yay yay and many are saying “straight to the final!”

Here’s one take on the new version…

…and another…

And now some fans are hungry to hear from Hovi himself…

But what do YOU think? Is the new version better than the last? You can listen to both versions below (and watch our initial reactions). Then vote in our poll! Is Hovi headed straight to the final? Let us know in the comments box at the end of this post.

The original and our reaction


The revamp and our reaction

Poll: Which version of “Made of Stars” is better?

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