Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2016: Vote now in the semi-finals!

Over the past six years our annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model has grown into the premier online modelling competition for singers at the Eurovision Song Contest. Once again it’s time for you to decide who has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to succeed as an international superstar after the Eurovision glory fades. Ladies: Take this contest seriously, and the world will take you seriously. Our winners routinely secure lucrative contracts with leading cosmetics and fashion brands, and have graced the pages of glossy magazines in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and countless other markets.

The 26 women below all want a spot in the finals. But wiwibloggs can only afford 14 sets of hair extensions and 14 vials of Crème de la Mer moisturising cream. As such, we will conduct semi-final voting between now and April 29, and will periodically eliminate the women with the lowest number of votes. The last 14 contestants standing will advance to the final, where they will have one final shot at wowing you with their perfect pins and stunning décolletage. At that time all votes will be erased. This will give you a chance to review the women with fresh eyes and to use our upcoming interview footage as a window into their soul. These women need to work the runway, but they also need to work their way into your hearts.

Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2016: Rules and voting

Modelling is ultimately an individual endeavour. As such, we have split up the women from Bosnia & Herzegovina (Dalal and Ana) and Greece (Christina and Maria). Ladies, it’s time to lose your crutches and stand on your own two feet. Preferably in heels.

The photos used below have been culled from the official promotional photographs submitted by the acts to the European Broadcasting Union. In instances where contestants did not submit three photos, we turned to their official channels — such as Facebook and Twitter — to find photos that they themselves have shared. We will rotate the featured image at the top of this post on a set schedule so that all the women have an equal chance to shine.

After revealing the finalists, the team at wiwibloggs reserves the right to declare a state of she-mergency and save a contestant, either through a public vote or internal selection. This singer (or singers) will then join the finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2016. The judges also reserve the right to remove a contestant from the final if it emerges that she has acted in any way that would bring the competition into disrepute. This includes, but is not limited to, the discovery that they have used performance enhancing drugs, starred in films with adult themes or embezzled illegal substances across national borders. Don’t get shady ladies.

Before you vote, you can watch all of the ladies in action on our contestants page and you can flip through their modelling portfolios below. You can vote for as many women as you would like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to every contestant you want to see in the final of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2016. In an ideal world you’ll choose your Top 14 ladies to help us have the strongest final possible. And please note: Beauty is not just physical. Consider their charisma, attitude, experience on stage and all the other factors that create a superstar.

It’s up to you, Europe. Start voting now!

Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2016: The Portfolios

Poll: Who should make the finals of ENTM 2016?

Choose your fierce 14!

Top Model Preview

Who has what it takes? Let us know how you voted in the comments section below.

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