Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016: Vote now in the semi-finals

In the world of fashion men often have to play second fiddle to the ladies. Female models command higher salaries and more front-cover splashes, while the guys are often used merely as accessories. wiwibloggs wants to right that wrong and give the men a space to shine. That’s why we launched Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model — the premier online modelling contest for the men of Eurovision.

As always, we need your help to determine who has the charisma—and the muscle—to carry the prestigious title. Here’s how it will work. Thirty-nine men want a spot in the Top Male Model final. But wiwibloggs can only afford 14 tubs of protein powder and 14 subscriptions to Men’s Health magazine. As such, we will conduct semi-final voting between now and May 2. From time to time the contestant with the lowest number of votes will be asked to pack up his dumbells and go home. The last 14 men standing will advance to the final. All votes will be erased, and you guys will have another opportunity to vote.

Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016

Our panel of experts has had to make some difficult decisions already. The male artists representing Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark and the United Kingdom will each compete as individuals, as will Francois (the lead singer of Cyprus’ Minus One), Petar (the lead singer of Montenegro’s Highway) and Nika Kocharov (the lead singer of the Young Georgian Lolitaz). Their backing vocalists will compete as groups — The Men of Highway, The Men of Minus One and The Young Georgian Lolitaz, respectively. Greece’s Argo, whose lead singer is a woman, will see The Men of Argo compete as a single unit as well. This is primarily because the backing vocalists and band members are rarely photographed on their own, making it difficult to asses their Top Model potential as individuals.

After revealing the finalists, the team at wiwibloggs reserves the right to declare a state of he-mergency and save a contestant, either through a public vote or internal selection. This singer (or singers) will join the finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016. The judges also reserve the right to remove a contestant from the final if it emerges that he has acted in any way that would bring the competition into disrepute. This includes the use of steroids, starring in films with adult themes and a criminal record which includes at least two felonies or misdemeanours. Respect the contest — and each other.

Before you vote, you can watch all of the guys in action on our contestants page and you can flip through their modelling portfolios below. You can vote for as many men as you would like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to every contestant you want to see in the final of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016. And please note: Beauty is not just physical. Consider their charisma, attitude, experience on stage and all the other factors that create a superstar.

Who will make the finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016? It’s up to you, Europe. Start voting now!

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