Poll: Who has the best music video at Eurovision 2016?

Last year, y’all decided that Georgian warrior Nina Sublatti had the best music video at Eurovision 2015. And now the time has come for you to crown a winner for 2016. It’s not so much about the music. You need to consider the cinematography, the visual concept, the execution and production values, as well as the singers’ ability to act. So who will it be?

As is the case every year, there isn’t an official music video for every entry. Some will land after the poll is published, but don’t fret: we will add them to the count as soon as they’re released. Until then, let’s meet the current contenders. Note, we are not including videos where live performances have just been dubbed over with studio audio.

Who has the best music video at Eurovision 2016?

Albania: Eneda Tarifa – “Fairytale”

Known for her sass and sense of humour, Eneda Tarifa raised quite a few eyebrows upon the release of her official “Fairytale” video. Serving us some serious Red Riding Hood realness, is the visual concept a hit or a miss for you?

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – “LoveWave”

Armenia’s Iveta Muckuchyan is going all out, recruiting Sweden’s answer to Brad Pitt for an edgy extravaganza that is a feast for the eyes as for the ears. Are you ready to dive into her “LoveWave”?

Australia: Dami Im – “Sound Of Silence”

Back for a second bite of the Eurovision apple, Australia are sending the amazing Dami Im to Stockholm. The beautifully shot video sees her joined by a sexy male dancer. He does his thing while she shares her story and looks gorgeous in a selection of stunning dresses.

Austria: ZOË – “Loin d’ici”

Replicating her national selection stage show, Zoë ‘s video is a colourful fantasy. Her dreamy vocals and cute song match the visuals, and we’re hoping for more of the same in Stockholm. But what do you think?

Azerbaijan: Samra – “Miracle”

The Azeri goddess plays to her strengths in the official “Miracle” video. Dressed in a little black dress and standing in front of a microphone in the middle of a stark room, Samra doesn’t resort to any gimmicks. She lets the music take the spotlight instead. Smart!

Belgium: Laura Tesoro – “What’s The Pressure”

Employing a dance troupe with a slick choreography, our verdict was that Laura elevated her song with the video. This gives us hope for Belgium’s staging in Stockholm as well. But what do you think? Did Laura hit it?

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deen & Dalal feat. Ana Rucner & Jala – “Ljubav je”

Apart from the awesome foursome, the official video of “Ljubav je” features the picturesque Ostrozac Castle. Complimenting the song, the cinematic video showcases the beauty of the Bosnian landscape and makes us want to visit the country, stat!

Bulgaria: Poli Genova – “If Love Was A Crime”

What happens when a photographer falls in love with a star? The video “If Love Was A Crime” tells that story and, in an unexpected turn of events, the paparazzo is Poli. The Bulgarian returnee likes to challenge the status quo — and we love her for that!

Croatia: Nina Kraljic – “Lighthouse”

In the official video for “Lighthouse”, there’s no lighthouse in sight. But Nina isn’t one to take things literally. Beaming down from the sky, the actual lighthouse is her space goddess, putting a smile on Earth Nina’s face. Will she guide her to victory in Stockholm?

Cyprus: Minus One – “Alter Ego”

IVAN is not the only one who is employing wolf trainers. Minus One’s alter ego is also a wolf, as evidenced in the edgy video for Cyprus’ song. Apart from the wolf and a mean-looking lady, the band is beautifully shot in cinematic detail, and the director made use of some bad ass editing skills. We love!

Czech Republic: Gabriela Guncikova – “I Stand”

Despite not standing much in her video, Gabriela compliments her power ballad with some unique and unforgettable imagery, starting from the sweeping drone shot at the beginning. Arguably the best Czech song at Eurovision, could this also be their best music video?

Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann with “Play”

Jüri’s video for “Play” is as dark and looming as his song. Despite his boyish charm and gif-able face, the singer manages to look like an Estonian Bond, and just as serious. We’re digging the colour schemes in this, as well as Jüri’s sexy stares. We hit “play” again and again!

Finland: Sandhja – “Sing It Away”

Sandhja may have surprised many at Finland’s national selection UMK by winning the whole thing, and she might surprise them again with this video. With high production values, energy, colour, and a blinged out horse, Sadhja reminds us to never discount the outsider.

France: Amir – “J’ai cherché”

In this video, a girl who enjoys boxing and a boy who enjoys ballet dancing are following their dreams up to the top, undeterred by the social pressures to conform. That’s an inspiring story, if there ever was one. Amir should change his name to Amour, ’cause we freaking love the guy.

Georgia: Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz – “Midnight Gold”

The video that accompanies the revamp of “Midnight Gold” is as alternative as the song. On one hand, we have the mad scientist squad playing with different gadgets in a lab, while in another scenario the rockers are performing in a shadowy room under the strange gaze of a blonde lady. Make of it what you can!

Germany: Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – “Ghost”

Released months before Jamie-Lee actually won the German national selection, her video for “Ghost” reveals the singer performing the song with her band in a studio. True to her image, she wears a colourful outfit, but chooses not too accessorize, with the exception of a couple of oversized rings — her idea of keeping it simple.

Greece: Argo – “Utopian Land”

Taking its inspiration from Woodkid’s book on music video directing, the video for “Utopian Land” is a black-and white studio affair where a topless man keeps running, while soldiers in sexy boots hold hands and dance together. We approve this message!

Ireland: Nicky Byrne – “Sunlight”

Yes, it’s a lyric video, but we couldn’t shut Nicky Byrne out. Especially not after the Westlife singer fought so hard not to squint with so much light in his eyes! (Also yes, because he’s so handsome and oh so nice.)

Israel: Hovi Star – “Made of Stars”

After beautifully revamping his song, Hovi complimented it with a gorgeously shot video. While he told us that filming with drones so close to his face was terrifying, the final effect is stunning. Thank you for showing us Tel Aviv, Hovi!

Italy: Francesca Michielin – “No Degree of Separation”

Despite her bubbly persona, Francesca employed her most serious serious stares for the video of “No Degree of Separation”, and it works. It’s a happy love song, but gurl gives it gravitas by not resorting to smiles. Artsy, poignant, and oh so Italian! Love. It.

Latvia: Justs – “Heartbeat”

Our Latvian bae is imprisoned and he’s trying to escape! Maybe that’s why Justs came so late to the party? Let’s hope his fans haven’t wasted their votes on somebody else!


Lithuania: Donny Montell – “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”

In the video, Donny follows, courts, and eventually wins over a beautiful blonde on a crazy night out. The club shots are especially beautifully filmed in slo-mo. The pair is sexy as hell, their chemistry is electrifying, and the entire package slays.

FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi – “Dona”

Wistfully walking through an empty theatre, Kaliopi gives us the sads before taking to the stage and giving us diva. She keeps it simple fashion-wise with a black blouse and pant ensemble, letting her amazing voice and song steal the limelight. FYR Macedonia is bringing back Kaliopi and class to Eurovision.

Malta: Ira Losco – “Walk On Water”

Ira’s beauty is not only matched by her voice and her song, but also by the spectacular landscapes in the video, not to mention the fabulous dresses that compliment the singer’s statuesque figure. Upon release, “Walk On Water” took the fandom, the odds and the contest by storm, thanks in no small part to this dreamy video. #WOW indeed.

Moldova: Lidia Isac – “Falling Stars”

The video for “Falling Stars”, which has just been released, sees the Moldovan singer courted by an astronaut whom she follows to Cosmos (a hotel in Chisinau), only to find out that he actually looks like a galaxy. Don’t you hate when this happens?

Montenegro: Highway – “The Real Thing”

Highway keep it close to the message of the song with a video focusing on the band playing while a sexy girl steals the show with her angry dance moves. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but maybe that’s just us?

Netherlands: Douwe Bob – “Slow Down”

Cool, calm, collected, Douwe Bob prescribes us a chill pill in this smart and simple video. The devilishly handsome singer takes shelter from the rain in a bar together with his bandmates and shows us his idea of a good old Dutch time. Are you down?

Norway: Agnete – “Icebreaker”

Serving Arctic realness, Agnete bravely faces the snowy landscape to belt out her edgy song, while her dancer busts her moves in an ice hotel. We’re left shivering with delight and wondering if this is a preview for Norway’s staging in Stockholm. What do y’all think?

Poland: Michal Szpak – “Color of Your Life”

Featuring some seriously spectacular Polish vistas as well as Michal’s handsome face and flawless hair, the video for “Color Of Your Life” enriches the melody. The sweeping drone shots are particularly fabulous, and that tower is the stuff of fairytales. (Take note, Albania.)

Russia: Sergey Lazarev – “You Are the Only One”

Money talks! Undoubtedly one of the most expensive and technologically sophisticated videos, “You Are The Only One” ticks all the right boxes. The LED room is jaw-dropping, Sergey’s smile is on point, and Miss Russia Vladislava Evtushenko is the cherry on top of a fabulous Eurovision cake. Yum!

Slovenia: ManuElla – “Blue and Red”

Showing off her fashion credentials, ManuElla serves us a series of costume changes as we see her set herself free from the man who did her wrong. She portrays a successful pop star filming a music video with cast and crew hovering around her. She works it in a trailer and in a garage and hits her angles every time. We love this vision and need her to make it a reality!

Spain: Barei – “Say Yay!”

Barei went all the way to Stockholm to shoot her video. That’s dedication, y’all! The video features various people (including the singer) dancing  in the streets, at the subway and in tunnels, and its slick and modern production is only matched by the song. Are you dancing along?

Sweden: Frans – “If I Were Sorry”

The unassuming winner of Melodifestivalen keeps it stark and simple in his video, which tells the story of, ahem, a guy who is not sorry that his girl is hurting. Frans is an excellent actor, displaying a whole range of emotions while alone and a flawless blank stare while in the presence of his ex. We feel sorry for her!

Switzerland: Rykka – “The Last Of Our Kind”

While technically a lyric video, Rykka channels her inner Sia in this. With just her white-haired head on a black background, the one-shot vid is striking and adds new poignancy to her song.

United Kingdom: Joe and Jake – “You’re Not Alone”

While not terribly original, the video for “You’re Not Alone” gives off an amazing energy, especially on the last chorus, when the singers are joined onstage by countless young people dancing and celebrating. Major FOMO!

So there you have it! Head to the poll and do your thing. You can tick as many choices as you want, but don’t forget to hit the “Vote” button at the end. We will announce the results ahead of the Grand Final on 14 May. Start voting now!

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