Poll Results: Iveta Mukuchyan had the best first rehearsal on May 2

Croatia’s Nina slipped into a structured Japanese gown. The Netherlands’ Douwe Bob stood on a clock. And Russia’s Sergey Lazarev scaled an LED wall. And they were just three of the nine acts who had their first rehearsals at Eurovision 2016 on Monday. We asked you who had the best rehearsal. After counting 5,622 votes, we can now reveal that our readers think Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan won the day. As you can tell from our reaction video, we totally agree!

The spoken introduction starts in darkness and then the music comes, with Iveta channeling Moulin Rouge. The lights flash to red during the sonic boom, while the LED’s and pyrotechnics explode on stage. During an instrumental section, more Ivetas — or rather holograms of her — emerge from the darkness adding even more fabulosity. The only thing better than one Iveta Mukuchyan is five or six…

Russia’s Sergey, who climbed — and fell — from his LED wall, received 923 votes, while Douwe Bob and his big clock also won a lot of positive feedback and a total of 678 votes.

Best Rehearsal: May 2 – Full Results

  1. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan “LoveWave” (2,015 votes, 36%)
  2. Russia: Sergey Lazarev “You Are The Only One” (923 votes, 16%)
  3. Netherlands: Douwe Bob “Slow Down” (678 votes, 12%)
  4. Greece: Argo “Utopian Land” (573 votes, 10%)
  5. Croatia: Nina Kraljic “Lighthouse” (514 votes, 9%)
  6. Hungary: Freddie “Pioneer” (454 votes, 8%)
  7. Moldova: Lidia Isac “Falling Stars” (174 votes, 3%)
  8. San Marino: Serhat “I Didn’t Know” (154 votes, 3%)
  9. Finland: Sandhja “Sing It Away” (138 votes, 2%)

So what do you think? Can Iveta go on and win? Let us know below…

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Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)