Poll Results: Dami Im had the best rehearsal on May 4

Australia had a big blue box. Serbia gave us tasteful drama and Belarus brought holographic wolves. And this was just three countries out of ten that took to the stage for their first rehearsals of the first half of semi final two. We asked you guys who slayed the most and you voted en masse with your fingers. After counting 4,974 votes, we can now reveal that you think Australia’s Dami Im won the day! The response towards the Australian entry has been largely positive, so you guys are not alone…

The most exciting moment of the performance was the unexpected change of vocal pitch, starting from the second verse right until the end. Any skeptics who thought that “Sound Of Silence” was repetitive will totally repent when they hear this live. The ending is bigger, more powerful and really showcases Dami’s incredible ability to belt it out.

The consistently popular Michal Szpak from Poland came second in our poll with 947 votes. Third place, with 660 votes, went to the stunning and über talented Sanja Vucic ZAA from Serbia.


  1. Australia – Dami Im with “Sound Of Silence” (1,062 votes, 21.35%)
  2. Poland – Michal Szpak with “Color Of Your Life” (947 votes, 19.04%)
  3. Serbia – Sanja Vucic ZAA with “Goodbye (Shelter)” (660 votes, 13.27%)
  4. Israel – Hovi Star with “Made Of Stars” (598 votes, 12.02%)
  5. Latvia – Justs with “Heartbeat” (489 votes, 9.83%)
  6. Ireland – Nicky Byrne with “Sunlight” (316 votes, 6.35%)
  7. FYR Macedonia – Kaliopi with “Dona” (263 votes, 5.29%)
  8. Lithuania – Donny Montell with “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” (231 votes, 4.64%)
  9. Switzerland – Rykka with “The Last Of Our Kind” (210 votes, 4.22%)
  10. Belarus – IVAN with “Help You Fly” (198 votes, 3.98%)