Ukraine’s Gaitana hits the dance floor with new single “No Matter How It Hurts”

Gaitana — our favorite Congolese-Ukrainian dance-floor diva — is back with a brand new single called “No Matter How it Hurts.” Sung in Ukrainian, this techno-dance track serves summer party realness. The pain has never felt so good!

The Eurovision 2012 singer — best-known to Eurofans for her synth-pop dance entry “Be My Guest”, which placed 15th — is once again bringing the beats. But it updates Gaitana’s sound with some added R&B electro-flare.

The song melds Gaitana’s smooth and buttery vocals with a pinch of R&B flavor and a club-ready beat. It doesn’t have the catchy hook of her Eurovision 2012 entry, but the song could slip seamlessly into the playlist of a summer rave near you — probably without you even noticing.

We are huge fans of the Ukrainian diva, but the track seems a tad over-produced and targeted toward an elitist cohort of DJ’s rather than the radio-listening public. But whatever. Our girl still slays!


Lyrically Gaitana is devastated over the loss of her love, but she’s not going to let that stop her from living her life. She’s a strong, independent woman. So she dims the lights on the pity party and instead dances the pain away. Gaitana sings:

“No matter how it hurts — I take off again, no regrets. No matter how it hurts — There’s no one and nothing I can’t replace.”