Don’t panic, add plastic! Severina spoofs cosmetic surgery and quest for perfection in “Silicones”

She’s a pop star known for her polished look and enviable curves.

And last week Severina — the Queen of Balkan Pop — flaunted her gorgeous figure yet again with the debut of her latest music video “Silikoni” (Silicones), which spoofs cosmetic surgery, among other things.

“‘Silicones’ represents a metaphor for all the things women do to be perfect,” she said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “This song is a joke, so do not take it seriously. You can freely sing along, even if you do not have silicones. But one thing is for sure: it will make your day and give you a feeling of perfection.”

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The folk-club anthem stays true to Severina’s ethnic sound, serving her unique brand of Turbo-folk, which crosses into the mainstream.

Directed by Petar Pasic, whose movie credits include E-pigs, We Are Not Angels 3 and Ne skreci sa staze, the video is a five-minute wonder that transplants us to the dystopia of tomorrow, where anonymous women resemble mannequins and are brought to life through a series of tests, tweaks and laster treatments.

Severina literally pushes the buttons and pulls the levers as a sinister older woman — long past her prime — watches on. “Come on now, touch me, undress me like a doll,” she says. “Come on now, do not panic, add a little plastic…”

It’s both hilarious and gripping — and a testament to the creative vision of Severina and her world-class team.

We at wiwibloggs are starting to suspect that Severina, who sang at Eurovision 2006, is planning a potential return to the contest.

Her last two press releases — for her video “Sekunde” and now “Silikoni” — have both referenced how Eurovision fans may appreciate the videos.

Severina placed 12th in the grand final in 2006, and since then Croatia has never reached the same heights — missing out on the final five times, and only achieving 23rd in the final last year.

Severina brings major star power and the budget to slay. Would you be thrilled to see her back in the Eurovision bubble?

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