I choose you! 10 Eurovision songs for Pokémon Go players

Eurovision stars are loving Pokémon Go — and so are Eurovision fans. The team at wiwibloggs is no exception — many of us have been catching them all and we’ve developed a Pokémon Go playlist. These are ten Eurovision songs to sum up how a Pokémon Go player feels as various things happen within the game.

1. Hanna Pakarinen — “Leave Me Alone” (Finland 2007)

Lyrics: “Leave me alone, I wanna go home. I don’t wanna see you so leave me alone.”

The wild Pokémon that players encounter vary by location, but wherever you are, there’s one Pokémon that shows up extremely frequently. Whether you live near a Zubat army or a horde of Rattata, every player has one Pokémon they wish would just leave them alone.

2. Paula Seling & Ovi — “Miracle” (Romania 2014)

Lyrics: “It’s so magical. So beautiful. It’s a miracle.”

Once you have caught your 300th Zubat, it begins to feel as though you will never find anything else. When something else does pop up, it certainly feels like a miracle. Yes, even a Pidgey is more exciting.

3. Alexey Vorobjov — “Get You” (Russia 2011)

Lyrics: “I’m coming to get you. I know you, you want me to.”

Once that rare Pokémon finally appears, players have to catch it. Russia’s Alexey Vorobjov echoes the sentiments of many Pokémon Go players as they search for that creature — whether it be a powerful Snorlax or an elusive Dragonite.

4. Paula Seling & Ovi — “Playing With Fire” (Romania 2010)

Lyrics: “You and me, can’t you see we’re playing with fire? Tell me now, do you feel this burning desire?”

Naturally, every player has their favourite Pokémon (hi Muk!) — and one of the most popular is undoubtedly Charizard. Paula Seling & Ovi make our playlist twice, singing about our search for Charizard. We certainly feel the desire, but this wiwiblogger has caught no more than two Charmander.

More Lyrics: “Could it be just a dream? Are you running away?”

When Charizard finally appears, most of us will think we’re dreaming. Let’s hope it doesn’t run away, or we’ll only be left with smoke…

5. Ann Sophie — “Black Smoke” (Germany 2015)

Lyrics: “Two hearts are left to burn. Do you know? We’re only left with smoke.”

When a Pokémon runs away, players are left seeing a cloud of dust in their wake. Germany’s Ann Sophie sings all about the feeling as a rare Pokémon eludes our capture.

6. Tooji — “Stay” (Norway 2012)

Lyrics: “I don’t know if it’s wrong or it’s right, but I know I want you to stay.”

While Ann Sophie sings about a rare Pokémon running away, Tooji sings about avoiding that scenario. Pull out those Razz Berries and make sure it stays!

7. Dima Bilan — “Never Let You Go” (Russia 2006)

Lyrics: “Never never let you go. You are the one I’m searching for.”

You’ve finally captured that rare Pokémon. What do you do next? Whether you battle a gym or keep searching, you will never ever let it go — until you find a stronger duplicate that is.

8. Joe & Jake — “You’re Not Alone” (United Kingdom 2016)

Lyrics: “You’re not alone. We’re in this together.”

Pokémon Go also introduced real life Pokémon gyms. Players join Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor and compete against opposing teams for control of these gyms. Competition is fierce and gyms change hands multiple times each day, but when you see your team’s gym under attack, you want to let your teammates know that they aren’t alone. We’re in this together, Team Mystic!

9. Maria Elena Kyriakou — “One Last Breath” (Greece 2015)

Lyrics: “Nothing left, all that I have is one last breath.”

Pokémon Go players will know how quickly the game drains their batteries. That doesn’t stop a rare Pokémon from appearing when your battery life is down to 1%. As Maria Elena Kyriakou sings, “I’m begging you, take me” we are hoping that our battery survives long enough to catch it. If not, “what happened wasn’t fair”.

10. Rona Nishliu — “Suus” (Albania 2012)

Lyrics: *internal screaming*

When it comes to Pokémon Go, “Suus” is complete perfection. Whether an Arcanine runs away from you or your egg hatches into a Weedle, channel your inner Rona Nishliu and release your pain. It will get better… hopefully.

What do you think of our Pokémon Go playlist? What Eurovision songs are you listening to when you’re out catchin’ them all? Let us know in the comments below.