Time to hang-up? N’evergreen re-records his 2010 Chanée duet “Pick Up The Phone”

There was more to Chanée & N’Evergreen than just “In A Moment Like This”. Back in the day, Denmark’s Eurovision 2010 duo recorded a whole album together, also called In A Moment Like This. For his latest release, Tomas N’evrergreen revisits the 14 track EP, re-recording a Chanée-less “Pick Up The Phone”.

The song wasn’t a hit back in 2010, and it’s easy to see why. Devoid of charm and imagination, the single mostly consists of iterations of the phrase “pick up the phone”. The oft-repeated line is rhymed with home and alone, contributing to a track that’s more cringe-worthy than Macaulay Culkin’s acting career. Why N’evergreen decided to resurrect the five year old song is baffling. Because, while you can roll a turd in glitter — the new version posses slicker production — you can’t polish it.

“Pick Up The Phone” harks back to a time when the landline was king, but the video is firmly planted in the modern day. Or at least in the modern day version of Tomas’ universe — an ever sunny world populated by just himself and pretty 20-something girls. The clip opens with our protagonist handcuffed to a bed. He’s worse for wear, gradually recalling how he ended up there. We see him driving a flash car in a swanky neighbourhood. He picks up a pair of glamorous hitchhikers, treating them to sojourns on a yacht and a hot air balloon. Scenes of N’evergreen in drag and bagpipe wielding beauties on a golf course follow.

The video ends with Tomas’ partner entering the room, set for revenge. A knowing look to camera suggests the singer’s expecting something kinky to go down. Thankfully, what happens next is left to our imagination.

Tomas N’evergreen “Pick Up The Phone” (Official Music Video)

Chanée and N’evergreen “Pick Up The Phone”

We loved Tomas’ last effort, the A’Studio collaboration “Falling For You”, and “In A Moment Like This” will always have a special place in our hearts. Fingers crossed for a return to form in the near future. What do y’all think? Let us know in the comments below. And check out our DMGP 2016 interview with N’evergreen’s one time singing partner Chanée.

Interview with Chanée at DMGP 2016

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