Watch: Relive Eurovision 2009 with grand final videos in HD

The 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Moscow in 2009, is one of the best loved shows amongst fans. Now videos of all the grand final performances are available on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, in shiny high definition. On a stage that used 30% of the world’s LED screens, we were treated to an evening of unforgettable performances. Let’s take a look back at some of our favourites.

Turkey: Hadise – “Düm Tek Tek”

Blending saucy Eastern beats with a contemporary pop style, Belgium-Turkish singer Hadise shimmied her way to a fourth place for Turkey. It’s songs like this that make Eurovision fans hope that Turkey will some day return to the contest.

United Kingdom: Jade Ewen – “It’s My Time”

Just in case anyone was thinking that it was impossible for the UK to do well at Eurovision, Jade Ewan along with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber showed just the opposite. Jade and the Lord Lloyd-Webber delivered an uplifting ballad that earned the UK fifth place, a placing that has yet to be beaten.

Greece: Sakis Rouvas – “This Is Our Night”

While Sakis Rouvas didn’t better his third place from 2004, he still delivered an iconic performance with “This Is Our Night” that took Eurovision staging in bold new directions. But as well as the rotating platform and choreography by Fokas Evangelinos, Sakis also sent hearts fluttering with his ability to make an innocent white shirt seem oh-so-naughty.

Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda – “Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)”

While writhing inside giant cogs and dancing with sexy centurions, Svetlana firmly demanded “Be my Valentine!” And how could we resist? The anti-crisis girl’s track placed 12th but has become a firm Euroclub favourite in the years since. This song makes us feel so sexy bom.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Regina – “Bistra voda”

“Bistra voda” has been on our minds lately use to the passing of Regina’s bass player Denis Cabric. The song is just as powerful as it was seven years ago, with the dramatic staging adding an emotional dimension to the Balkan rock ballad.

Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu – “Hora din Moldova”

“Hora din Moldova” is a reminder that Moldova always seems to do best when it embraces its own musical culture and language. Nelly delivers a fun performance that livened up the grand final in just the right way.

Germany: Alex Swings Oscar Sings! – “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang”

Germany got super saucy with the electro swing track “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang”. But the staging took things to the next level, with Dita Von Teese giving a tantalising burlesque performance that was initially too hot for Eurovision and had to be toned down before the live final. *fans self*

Iceland: Yohanna – “Is It True?”

Yohanna turned an average performance in Iceland’s national final into a killer grand final performance that came close to giving Iceland its first Eurovision win. The country tinged ballad took second place and, with 218 points, gave Iceland its best score to date.

Azerbaijan: AySel and Arash – “Always”

“Always” was another step towards Azerbaijan emerging as a power player of the early 2010s. It delivered a catchy pop tune with Eastern influences performed by Azerbaijani singer AySel and Swedish-Iranian singer-songwriter Arash. “Always” gave Azerbaijan a third-place finish and laid the groundwork for the Azerbaijan duo who would go on to win the competition in 2011.

France: Patricia Kaas “Et s’il fallait le faire”

Patricia Kaas wasn’t just a smoky-eyed diva in a one-shouldered dress. She was a chanteuse, and brought a sultry but emotional performance, commanding the stage all by herself. The beguiling performance gave France its best placing since 2002 – and one that was only beaten by Amir this year.

Armenia: Inga and Anush – “Jan Jan”

The Arshakyan sisters delivered the very fun and highly danceable “Jan Jan”, with an energetic performance that combined fresh electropop with staging and costumes that drew on traditional Armenian elements, as well as braids that a Kardashian would kill for.

Norway: Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”

And of course there’s the champ. “Fairytale” remains one of the best loved Eurovision winners, a killer combination of that unforgettable fiddle line, Rybak’s cheeky chappy charm and the dreamy staging. And let’s not forget – under the old scoring system, no one has managed to beat the 387 points of “Fairytale”.

What is your favourite song from Eurovision 2009?

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