He’s so street! Alexander Minenok will sing for Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2016

Sealed, signed, delivered — Alexander Minenok will represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2016 with the song “Muzyka moikh pobed” (Music of my victories). 

Channeling a young Eric Saade — replete with the swagger and the fierce dance moves — Alexander made sure that he lived up to his song’s title. His urban choreography and sound also invoked Ilya Volkov, who took bronze back at Junior Eurovision 2013. Fans of Måns Zelmerlöw will appreciate the use of a hoverboard — it’s so Eurovision 2016!

Alexander Minenok – “Muzyka moikh pobed”

Alexander won the national final in a jury tiebreak after drawing with Olga Konovalova.

Tonight’s host Teo — who hosted together with his wife Olga Ryzhykova — must have relived memories from when he drew at the Eurovision 2014 selection...before he was ultimately named the winner.

Belarus Junior Eurovision 2016 national final full results

1. Alexander Minenok – “Muzyka moikh pobed” 20 points (12 jury/8 televote)
2. Olga Konovalova – “Serdtsa bit” – 20 points (8 jury/12 televote)
3. Zinaida Kupriyanovich – “Kosmos” – 14 points (10 jury/4 televote)
4. Maria Magilnaya – “Zvuk tishiny” – 12 points (7 jury/5 televote)
5. Maria Zhilina – “Vpripryzhku” – 12 points (5 jury/7 televote)
6. So-Ni-Ka – “Pesenka moya” – 12 points (2 jury/10 televote)
7. Neskuchniy Vozrast – “Tyts tyts” – 10 points (4 jury/6 televote)
8. Stefania Sokolova – “Color Game (Tsvetnaya igra)” – 7 points (6 jury/1 televote)
9. Elena Titova – “Ne prosto tak” – 6 points (3 jury/3 televote)
10. Yulia Mozhilovskaya – “Ver v sebya” – 3 points (1 jury/2 televote)

Olga Konovalova won the televote convincingly with over 11,000 votes, thereby taking 12 points. So resounding was her televote win that So-Ni-Ka, who finished second in the televote, only received around 4,000 votes. Alexander Minenok, the eventual winner, ended third with the public.

Alexander benefitted hugely from the jury vote. He won top marks here, while Zinaida Kupriyanovich and televote winner Olga Konovalova rounded out the Top 3.

When the voting ended in a draw between Alexander and Olga — both on 20 points — it was up to the jury members to break the deadlock. Each of them had to hand a heart to their preferred candidate. Alex received seven hearts to Olga’s two, giving him the edge.

Was Alexander Minenok also your favourite and did he deserve to win? Let us know in the comments below.