Belarus’ IVAN duets with Dino Jelusic on “Help You Fly” at New Wave Festival in Sochi

At Eurovision 2016 he danced naked with wolves…using LED screens and holograms.

But on Tuesday a fully-clothed IVAN left the wolves behind him as he reprised his Eurovision entry “Help You Fly” on stage at the New Wave Festival in Sochi.

And he didn’t do it alone. The blonde-headed rocker teamed up with Dino Jelusic — the Croatian rocker who won the inaugural Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003.

Their smoky, made-for-rock vocals are cut from a similar cloth and in isolation you could have mistaken Dino for IVAN and vice-versa.

They didn’t blend particularly well in the chorus — Dino really stuck out. But he made up for that by making love to the cameras with some sizzling eye contact and act-appropriate angst.

They also put on a fitting sartorial display, with IVAN slipping into his all-white look from Stockholm, which consisted of spray-on beige jeans and a matching coat-and-shirt co-ord.

Dino was his fashion foil, going for a mostly black look that befitted his rock sound and long hair.

Dino may be JESC’s first ever winner, but that doesn’t mean Dino’s a mini-Lys Assia. Eurovision’s grande dame would happily churn out chansons forevermore, but at just 24 Dino has purged all traces of pop from his life.

He’s currently the frontman of the Zagreb based heavy metal band M.U.D. On Facebook, he described their latest album as “Black Label meets Alice in Chains meets Van Halen.”

Make of that what you will. If you want a taste of his music check out “Walk On The Other Side”. He returned to Junior Eurovision in 2005, albeit to cheer on his sister Lorena.

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