Paula Seling and Ovi are writing Eurovision music at ‘Dracula Song Camp’ in Romania

Romania’s Eurovision stars Paula Seling and Ovi Jacobsen have not given up the Eurovision dream. The duo are now taking their chances writing songs for others at the Dracula Song Camp in Bucharest, so you might soon enjoy the fruit of their work in national finals around the continent.

The musical duo, who represented Romania at Eurovision 2010 and 2014, have organised the songwriting camp which is aimed at bringing together songwriters to pen potential Eurovision hits. Besides Paula and Ovi, the camp has songwriting teams from Norway, Sweden, France and Hungary working to create music for artists around the continent. It’s an international school, y’all!

Although broadcaster TVR is keeping mum on the subject of Romania’s comeback to Eurovision after it was irreverently thrown out the back door three weeks before the contest in May, the TV station ran a story on Paula Seling and Ovi’s efforts to create new music for the world’s biggest music show.

However, the fact that TVR even brings up the issue of Eurovision gives us hope that the EBU is going to forgive Romania and bring it back to its fold, especially since the Romanian government is making efforts to pay the 15-million euro debt owed to the European body. Ovi told wiwibloggs exclusively that nothing is certain, no decision has been made, and regardless, he is only interested in writing ESC songs for foreign artists.

Back to Dracula Song Camp however — we get to hear a snippet of a new song in Romanian penned by the duo, so never say never, Ovi!

Speaking of schools, this is not the only one where Paula Seling is hard at work. The double winner of the Eurovision’s Next Top Model title is heading the Paula Seling Music School, which also offers singing lessons in Romanian via Skype. You can find out more on its Facebook page.

Back in 2014, when Paula and Ovi won Romania’s Selectia Nationala with “Miracle”, they told us that Eurovision is a virus that can’t be shaken off easily. Do you think that we’ll get to see the pair back on the Eurovision stage one day? And what are your thoughts about their Dracula Song Camp?