Prague calling! Czech Republic confirms its Eurovision 2017 participation

Pop the champagne, blow the sparklers, sound the alarm — Czech Republic has confirmed its participation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

Czech Television announced the news on Wednesday, revealing that it will once again choose its participant internally.

Anyone interested — and that includes foreign songwriters and lyricists — can submit songs to the broadcaster between now and November 30.

Jan Potmesil, the creative producer in charge of CT’s Eurovision project, seemed to pre-empt  potential criticism about welcoming foreign authors by explaining that it’s very difficult to “find a song that matches current world trends and qualities” and that can “stand the intense competition at the ESC.”

“Even with Czech artists, it is absolutely normal that they cooperate with foreign authors and producers. I am convinced that the widest open song selection is the way to higher quality.”

A special committee made up of musical experts and officials from CT will sift through the songs and the artists in closed-door proceedings, hopefully landing them in the grand final for a second year running.

Last year Gabriela Guncikova made history when she became the very first Czech act to reach the final with her power ballad “I Stand”.

Gabriela also became the first Czech artist to perform at our very own Wiwi Jam, held inside the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm.

She killed her performance of “Highway to Hell” and looked absolutely fabulous in the process.

Prior to last year, the country had finished last in its semi-final on two of its four attempts and it had earned a total of 43 points in the semis.

Miss Guncikova finished ninth in her semi-final and earned 161 points — four times as many as all other Czech acts put together!

The grand final didn’t go quite as smoothly, and she received a total of zero televotes, which we still consider one of the biggest crimes of Eurovision 2016.

In any case, are you stoked that Prague has RSVP’d for the contest? Did you ever doubt this would happen? And who do YOU want to see CT field in Ukraine? Let us know in the comments box below.

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